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Discover – Milestones Early Intervention Tool

Developed in collaboration with the Adult and Child Therapy Centre who are a multi-disciplinary team made up of Clinical Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, CBT Therapists and Behaviour Specialists we created a platform to help support and educate Parents & Early Years Practitioners on the milestones that each child should be reaching at various ages. The tool creates an action plan automatically for each child if they’re not reaching those important milestones. We validated the benchmarks with preschools around the country, and you will see a link within the app “reference of use” which highlights the sources and reference we used to help create the tool which was mainly from the HSE.  Watch the video to see more of this fantastic tool.

Attendance Reporting made easy

Capturing your children’s attendance couldn’t be easier. With one click of a button, you can mark your children arrived and departed. You can select multiple children and mark them arrived and departed at the same time. You can also mark a child as sick, on holiday, not due in or absent. We have a few different reports, monthly statistics and monthly attendance, a monthly overview which show the days a child was sick, holiday, absent, not due and present. It also calculates the total amount of time each child is in that day or week. Here is a video to show you how the attendance works.

Observation linking Aistear and Síolta

Developed in collaboration with The Crann Support Group and The National Childhood Network our Observations tool is one of the most used features due to the integration with Aistear and Siolta, the National Frameworks. At a click of a button, you can add multiple Aistear Themes, Aims and Goals. When you select a Theme, the four aims will appear and once you select an aim the six goals will appear. Once you select an Aistear Theme you will only be shown the Siolta Standards that link to that Theme. You can then add multiple Siolta Standards and Components.  Observations can be linked together so it tracks the child’s progress, the resources used and ultimately document everything you did to improve the child’s outcome.  Watch the video here.

Benefits of  Signing up to the App for Early Years Educators

Cut down on paperwork and save money
Our app gets rid of most of your paperwork so you can spend more time on what’s most important, the children. No more writing in notebooks or day sheets as parents get to see all the logs in their app automatically when you capture this on the tablets. No more writing the same information over and over for each child, it’s done with a click of a button for multiple children for attendance, food & medicine, activities, nappy changing, sleeping, observations, milestones, planning and even your newsletters. You have a conversations area where you can talk to one or all parents and even better you can talk to one or all your colleagues so when it comes to handovers etc you can send multiple colleagues messages and have a group chat, but remember not to say anything inappropriate as your Manager can see all the conversations:) In Communication area you can send messages and photos where parents get email notifications however parents can turn the notifications off if they like. You can upload four photos at a time which is great for group activities as all the parents will get to see what their child is doing each day and pictures speak a thousand words. You can then add up all the money you’re saving on notebooks, paper, ink/print cartridges.  
Simply linking Aistear and Síolta to Observations

Our observations section acts as a learning tool to help you link the National Frameworks of Aistear and Síolta to your observations. In a simple step by step, you can add your Aistear Themes, Aims and Goals. You will then only be shown the Síolta Standards and Components that link to the theme you have selected. If you’re not using Síolta this is a fantastic way to introduce it to your setting. You can even link your observations together so you can clearly see the child’s progress and what resources you used to improve the child’s learning and development. 

Curriculum Planning

Create Long/Medium/Short Term Goals which link with Aistear and Síolta. You can add photos and descriptions. You can include emerging interests for children and parents. You have an area for extended learning and for evaluation. You can even allow parents to comment on the curriculum if you enable the parent comment button and best of all, parents get to see the whole curriculum through their app giving them a greater insight into their child’s learning and development while showcasing and highlighting the excellent work practitioners do on a daily basis which sometimes goes unnoticed. 

Help comply with GDPR - one place to store records

With new initiatives to include parents, guardians and families in the learning and development process, we have enabled childcare practitioners to easily share learning updates and to receive feedback and photos from families via the App. You can now manage all your information on children, parents, practitioners, observations, curriculum planning, milestones, medicines, the list goes on. It’s all stored in one place for as long as you like, you decide when it’s time to delete them. Think of all the storage space you will get back and it’s helping you become GDPR compliant. 

Early Intervention Tool to support missed Milestones

Our new Early Intervention Tool will also support and assist you in identifying key learning difficulties through missed milestones. It will automatically create an action plan of goals and objectives to do with the child over a three month period. It will even remind you when you have to reassess the child and also if the child is frequently and it’s important to say frequently not reaching milestones it will even give details of different agencies you can talk with. You can redo milestones as many times as you like as children will develop at different rates but the most important thing is early intervention and our tool will help you see patterns and support and assist both practitioners and parents in helping them understand what should be done when children are missing milestones. 

Occupancy Planning

Increase efficiency & profit in your childcare setting. Manage enrolment, waiting lists and transitions via the App. You can even plan and forecast available places. Each child will have a start and end date. You can also state if the are ECCE, ECCE & Part-Time, ECCE & Full-Time, Full-Time, Part-Time or Afterschool. Children will appear in Active (Present this term), Past (children who have left) and Future (children who will be attending in the near future). We will be expanding on this when we launch our new Office Tool later this year. 

Child Paths was developed with Early Years Educators in mind.  We help you to build a unique memory for parents to monitor, track and analyse the information, to improve each child’s learning and development in real time as it happens. Child Paths was designed to help educators capture, store and communicate information much quicker and smarter. Click on the video above to hear more about where Child Paths began.



Because Early Years Educators are continuously logging the child’s information into the Child Paths App, you as an educator will find yourself spending less time on paperwork to inform parents,  and more time on helping the children in your care.  Our software is very reliable and easy to use with 80% of our customers coming to us from our competitors.  It has been developed with the support, knowledge and experience from The National Childhood Network, The Crann Support Group and the Adult and Child Therapy Centre.  All our customers all over the country had inspections from different bodies so you don’t need to worry about going digital. Click on the video above to learn more about Child Paths.

Child Paths would like to take parents on a journey through their child’s early years learning and development. From toddler to teenager capturing all the child’s strengths, interest, milestones and achievements. Our next biggest goal is to take Child Paths into the Primary and Secondary Schools and then you will really understand what Child Paths is about! Click on the video above to learn more about Child Paths App.

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