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National Childcare Scheme

Capturing your children’s attendance couldn’t be easier. With one click of a button, you can mark your children arrived and departed. You can select multiple children and mark them arrived and departed at the same time. You can also mark a child as sick, on holiday, not due in or absent. We have a few different reports, monthly statistics and monthly attendance, a monthly overview which show the days a child was sick, holiday, absent, not due and present. It also calculates the total amount of time each child is in that day, week or month. It will also alert you when a child is out for consecutive days, you decide how many days before it alerts you.
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Child Paths features

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Curriculum Planner

Occupancy Planning


Food & Medicine


Nappy Changing


What is Child Paths?

Child Paths Childcare Software helps childcare practitioners to capture, store and communicate information to parents much quicker and smarter in real time getting rid of all the paperwork.

The app includes tools that identify key milestones in a child’s life and flags missed milestones, creates an action plan and helps identify whether early intervention is necessary to assist with learning difficulties. The platform also tracks group updates for attendance, food, medicine, activities, nappy changing, sleeping and communication.

Practitioners can work quicker by talking into the tablets instead of typing. Seamlessly link Aistear and Siolta the National Frameworks to your Curriculum Plans, Observations and Milestones. It also shares daily updates that can include photos.


Developed in collaboration with the Adult and Child Therapy Centre who are a multi-disciplinary team made up of Clinical Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, CBT Therapists and Behaviour Specialists we created a platform to help support and educate Parents & Early Years Practitioners on the milestones that each child should be reaching at various ages. The tool creates an action plan automatically for each child if they’re not reaching those important milestones. We validated the benchmarks with preschools around the country, and you will see a link within the app “reference of use” which highlights the sources and reference we used to help create the tool which was mainly from the HSE. Watch the video to see more of this fantastic tool.


Child Paths solution

Mobile/Web App

Child Paths is comprised of a state of the art mobile and web app to allow parents and early years educators to seamlessly monitor and interact with their children. It's password protected, encrypted and the data is stored in Ireland with Amazon.

Early Years Educators

Child Paths can be used for Observations, Milestones, Curriculum Planning, Occupancy Planning, Attendance/Reports, Food & Medicine, Activities, Nappy Changing, Sleeping and much more!


Our app gives parents real-time peace of mind updates throughout the day helping them feel more involved in their child's learning and development.

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