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Why Child Paths?

Track your child's educational journey


Why Child Paths?

Track your child's educational journey

We provide a premium, reliable, and very user-friendly product which is reflected in the very high retention rate of customers. Each year 9 out of 10 services continue to use our software, which is amazing considering we offer a 30-day rolling contract. Many of these services were very reluctant to move with the times from pen and paper to digital, but the figures just prove how beneficial our software is to them as a business. We have thousands of teachers and parents using our platform in Ireland and the UK. Approximately 80% of these early years services who have signed up to Child Paths have trialled or previously used another software platform. We’re proud to say that we are the market leader here in Ireland in early years software, helping services since 2014 operate more efficiently and communicate more effectively with parents and inspectors.

You only need to look at our testimonials from parents and early years services to see that we clearly stand out from our competitors. Our customer support is outstanding. We will guide and support you every step of the way, from holding staff information evenings so everybody in your team understands the value and benefits well before signing up; to getting you set up in your service with one-to-one training for your staff. We even provide after-sales support out of hours. We provide parent packs with letters, posters, flyers, and also video tutorials in every section of the app to help guide both parents and teachers. We pride ourselves on our speedy response times and our excellent reputation. We’re always here for you. We provide you with mobile phone numbers for our team members so that you and your staff can contact us at any time. It is rare that we don’t answer your call the first time. We listen to what our customers want and need,  and try our best every day to deliver a first in class product and service.

We have partnered with a number of organisations like the Crann Support Group, the National Childhood Network and the Adult and Child Therapy Centre who are experts in their field and have greatly contributed to the development and success of the Child Paths App. We have attracted a lot of interest from educational institutions such as DCU Institute of Education, Ulster University and the Cork College of Commerce to mention but a few. We’re gaining such recognition for the work we are doing, that Child Paths is now being taught in the Cork College of Commerce’s Advanced Early Childhood Care and Education courses and in Ulster University’s Primary School Student Teaching courses. This demonstrates how each of these organisations are using innovation and collaboration to lead to better outcomes for teachers, parents and most importantly, the children.

We’re delighted to be launching into Primary Schools in 2020 where we will start to fulfil our vision of allowing children and parents to continue their journey with Child Paths into Primary School and beyond. We spoke about this for many years and now it is becoming a reality. Children are at the centre of everything we do, and the real meaning of Child Paths is to help identify each child’s ‘’career path” in life. The reason we are different from other software platforms is that our core principle is to support, assist and educate parents in understanding more about their child’s learning and development. What many people don’t realise is that we are building an app to take parents on a journey through their child’s early years and education from toddler to teenager, while providing all the benefits of your traditional childcare/school management software system.

Alexandra Masterson, Mallow College of Further Education in Co Cork, Ireland said:

 “Child Paths is an exciting, progressive and much needed 21st Century Platform solution for all those involved in the Early Years Sector. It not only provides an easy to use app which enables parents to glean an insight into the life of their child in daycare but also helps meet all the legislative, developmental observations and procedural requirements for childcare providers in an efficient, accurate and exceptionally easy format!”

Where The Idea Began

As with all great ideas, the concept for Child Paths was born from personal experience. When Ciaran Flynn’s daughter moved to a new early years setting he started to get more information about her welfare and development. It was at this point he realised that his daughter’s creche was not a babysitting service and that it played a much bigger role in his child’s life. As a Father, he wanted to help with her learning and development but didn’t know how or what to do.

Following his extensive research, he identified one of the major frustrations among many practitioners was the amount of time required for record-keeping, which in turn limited the amount of direct contact time with the children. It was for this reason that Child Paths was created; mainly so teachers could capture, store and communicate information to parents about their child in an efficient and effective manner, helping teachers spend less time on reporting and more time on what’s most important – the children.

Ways to Overcome Barriers

When Ciaran looked into it further, he discovered that lack of time and knowledge were what held parents back from being more involved in their children’s learning journey. Parents lacked the knowledge of what their children should be doing for their ages and stages, and were sometimes too busy with work to delve too deep looking for these answers. With teachers under huge pressure with daily reporting and note-taking there needed to be a system whereby teachers could educate the parents on how their children were developing daily, but in a way that wasn’t time-consuming or restricting to either themselves or the parents. We here at Child Paths believe there is a quicker, better and more efficient way to communicate more effectively to help take down these two barriers of time and knowledge to parental involvement. Allowing parents the time throughout their day to access information on their child in real-time helps build a greater knowledge of their child’s interests, skills and capabilities. And where once the services had to maintain and file never-ending paperwork in filing cabinets, and print off hundreds of photographs per year, they now have a place to digitally store and access these files to help with compliance and regulations, and allow them to spend more quality time with the children in their service.