Covid19 is having a huge affect on businesses no more so than on the early years. The guidelines announced for reopening will put huge pressure on services yet again. One area which will be impacted greatly is the ability to communicate with parents as they will be restricted from entering your service and most likely you may have some sort of rota for collection and drop off to prevent multiple people arriving and departing at the same time. This is where the use of digital technology will become really beneficial as not only can you communicate with parents but also remove the need to have any physical contact regarding updates. Now is the time to be making these small changes that will have big impacts on your service and it’s a great time to get all of your colleagues trained up on software for free as we feel Child Paths can play a crucial role when it comes to implementing social distancing.

For any early years teachers who would like to explore all the benefits of using early years software we are offering all teachers free access to use our softwareAbsolutely no obligation. Just a fun, free way to pass time and explore other more efficient ways to save money & time and provide your parents and children with a fantastic way of promoting parental involvement and social distancing while still giving parents peace of mind real time updates as now more than ever they will want to know their children are happy and enjoying their day and what better way to do this than through sharing photos, video and general updates throughout the day. If you like it and you think it would make a big difference to your service let your manager or the owner know as they too can use it for free. Each section has detailed tutorial videos explaining how everything works from managing your attendance for the National Childcare Scheme where it automatically calculates your children’s hours, to food & medicine, activities, sleeping, nappy changing, observations, curriculum planning, milestones checklist with action plans, to our new occupancy planning tool which allows you to plan years ahead so you know how many spaces you have at any given time in the future. 

It’s all about learning and now is the time to explore how technology is playing a greater role in education. If you would like to use Child Paths Early Years Software for free click here:

Child Paths Training
Some of the students from the Cork College of Commerce receiving their Child Paths Certificate

Child Paths has become such a valuable platform and offers so many benefits to early years services that Dorset College, Dublin and the Cork College of Commerce who are Ireland’s largest Further Education College are holding yearly workshops for their level 6 Advanced Early Childhood Care and Education students so they are trained up in using Child Paths Early Years Software. So when they seek employment they can add it to their CV. It was a very clever, innovative and supportive approach by the college.

Here’s what Gobnait Burke – Deputy Principal, Cork College of Commerce had to say about the new partnership: “Cork College of Commerce is once again showing great innovation and is at the forefront in its delivery of Further Education to our students. We are delighted to partner with Child Paths, and by doing so give our students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in using childcare software. This is the first time that a college of Further Education and a childcare software company have worked in partnership on such a project.

The early year’s sector is one that is continuously evolving. We are aware, from liaising with early years practitioners locally, that more and more services are using software to document their curriculum, record observations, track attendance and to communicate with parents. We want to ensure our students are current and well equipped to join the workforce when they finish their education with us. Child Paths is an excellent software tool that we are delighted to use with our students.”

Robbie from Child Paths training some of the students from Dorset College - Dublin

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