Very good tips from The Adult and Child Therapy Centre for children starting school.

Monday 27th Aug ’18 – Todays’ Tip is:

How can a parent psychologically prepare their child for their first ever day at school and make the experience less stressful?

  • Talk about school in a very positive manner, be excited for your child and explain how they will make lots of new friends and learn a lot of new things. You could even play some games about school with your child’s teddies/dolls, gentle teaching them some of the rules of the school, for example, putting your hand up, taking turns etc
  • If your child has older siblings, they are possibly very familiar with the school, where it is and what it looks like. Some schools do an induction day for the new children starting so they can walk around the school and meet their teacher ahead of time. If this isn’t the case for the child’s school bring your child up to the school to have a look around and see what it looks like. This will create a picture in the child’s head on where they are going.
  • Get your child involved in the organisation of starting school, for example, let them pick out their schoolbag, lunchbox, pencil case etc. Let them try on their uniform and school shoes a few times so as they get used to it. Closer to the time have a run through of them using their lunchbox so that they are ok opening lids, taking on and off their coat etc.
  • If possible try and arrange a play date for your child with another child that will be in their class. It will make them feel less anxious and more comfortable if they know another child in their class when they start.
  • A week before school starting start getting your child into a good routine, going to bed at the time they would be going when they start school and up at the same time.

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