Very good tips from The Adult and Child Therapy Centre for children starting school.

Thursday 30th Aug ’18 – Todays’ Tip is:

What if a child reacts badly on their first day? What can you do?

Separation Anxiety can be expressed through feelings of anger and sadness. Many children will get upset or may have a temper tantrum when you say goodbye and leave. These incidences may make you feel guilty or anxious, just remember that this is such a positive step in your child’s life and that they will settle. If the drop off does not go well look back on that morning and see were things as calm as they could have been at home? Were you too rushed? Could you tweak the morning routine to see if things could run more smoothly so that you and your child are less stressed? Try and distract your child as much as possible chat away about things so as to distract your child from having too much time to worry. Again follow the steps we shared over the last few days, when you leave them on the second day, reassure them that they will have a great day and that you will be back to pick them up. Really importantly don’t linger when you are saying goodbye, don’t wait for a response from your child just leave. Again remember to trust the teacher that they have the skills to manage this situation, they are very used to seeing this type of behaviour they see it every September. If you stay and try and comfort your child, it can only escalate your child’s distress. If you don’t leave your child, they cannot get used to the separation and move on from it. When you come and pick up your child again really focus on the positive aspects of their day if they bring up what happened on the drop again acknowledge their feelings and reassure them but don’t spend too much time on it move onto the positive aspects. Seeing your child so distressed is very difficult but you need to follow through on this plan, and your child will settle.

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