Very good tips from The Adult and Child Therapy Centre for children starting school.

Wednesday 29th Aug ’18 – Todays’ Tip is:

How can you alleviate your own anxiety when your child is starting school for the first time?

Your child starting school is a big milestone in your child’s life and in your life as their parent, especially if it is your first child. If you follow the steps that we shared this week and are well organised, you and your child will be less stressed and therefore less anxious on their first day. It is however totally normal to feel sad on this day and of course shed a couple of tears after you leave the school. Your baby is growing up! Our own experience of school can impact on our anxiety levels and just be mindful of this, really try and stay positive for your child. As parents, we are very aware of what our children need, how they feel etc.. However children are also attuned to how we are so if we are anxious they can pick up on this and take these worries on. You don’t want your child to be worried about you! After you get through that first morning maybe try and arrange to have a cup of coffee with another mum/dad and you can chat through the experience with them.

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