Very good tips from The Adult and Child Therapy Centre for children starting school.

Tuesday 28th Aug ’18 – Todays’ Tip is:

On the day your child starts school the Adult and Child Therapy recommend:

    • If you are working and if it is possible to try and take a couple of days of so as you are not rushing to get out the door to drop your child off.
    • When you are getting your child dressed or over breakfast casually ask how they are feeling and if they are worried about anything, if they are worried about something alleviate their fears and reassure them that it is going to be great and that they will really enjoy themselves.
    • When you arrive at the school be as relaxed and casual as possible. Hopefully, your child will be so absorbed with all the new things around them; they won’t really notice you saying goodbye and leaving.
    • When you are saying goodbye indicate a sense of time linked to an activity to when you will be back to pick them up, for example, “ I will be back to pick you up after you play with your friends in the yard”. Children that age struggle with a sense of time and what 1.30pm might mean.
    • Don’t linger saying goodbye if your child sees that you are anxious they may start getting anxious too.
    • Trust the teacher that if your child starts to become upset that they have the tools and the skills to manage the situation.
    • Do not be late picking up your child it is really important you are there on time when you said you would be. Your child has to trust you and not be afraid that they have been abandoned.
    • If your child is not very chatty about what they did during the day, don’t push them, if they seem happy that’s enough.

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