Transition tool Child Paths and Dublin Institute of education
Ciaran Flynn, founder of Child Paths, met Dr. Gillian Lake , Assistant Professor in Early Childhood Education, DCU Institute of Education at a business event in 2018. Gillian is an expert in the field of Early Childhood and Education.

Ciaran and Gillian discussed the lack of transferring information collected on young children from preschool to primary school. When a child transitions, a large amount of information about their progress and development is left behind in preschool, when this information could be used to assist each child’s teacher to plan effectively and specifically for the Junior infants they will receive into their class. Creating these plans for children allows for maximum potential of each child to be realised and develops parent-educator partnerships.

Our new transition feature aims to bridge the information gap between early years practitioners, primary school teachers and parents, while helping to develop and strengthen relationships. It will assist to develop a shared responsibility for children’s well-being during this important time in their lives.

The aim of the study is to collect data on whether early year practitioners, teachers and parents think technology can be used to help and support children’s transition from preschool to primary school and if so, how can this be achieved. Informed by this data and a thorough literature review on transition, we will develop a new software solution for parents, early years practitioners and primary school teachers. This will help schools to plan better for each individual child’s needs.