When you reopen your service you are going to have endless things to do. Your ratios may change now with the introduction of play-pods. How much time do you spend trying to work out how many spaces you have available in your service and who is on the waiting list? Is it time-consuming figuring out which children are moving to which room and when. It may be even harder now with the new play-pods, only time will tell. Would it be much easier if this was done automatically and you could see how many spaces you had available weeks, months and even for years ahead? Again it may take some time to get back to some sort of normality but imagine you could see years ahead and how many spaces you have available and who you have on your waiting list. Sounds great, it is and to help you get back on your feet it’s free to use in your service until the end of the year for a limited number of services. 

Occupancy Planning
Occupancy Planning Tool

Now is the time to move away from pen & paper and digitally record current and future registrations in a very simple and time-friendly manner. All your children will move rooms automatically so you don’t have to spend endless hours every month working out when they have to move, or if you have space. You can even get an alert beforehand in the event you don’t have space in another room so you can then move the children manually. You can select any date in the future 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and the system will tell you how many spaces you have available in a particular room and how many staff are needed. You also have an area to add in capacity for each play-pod or room. You will now have all your children on a waiting list where they can easily be added to a play-pod or room when space becomes available. You even have a list for each room so you know who is due to move and leave that play-pod or room that month. As you do this it will automatically update your new staff rota area so you can see how many staff you have on that day, week or month.    

Staff rota
Staff Rota and Holiday Request

With Covid19 your ratios will more than likely change and you will want to be able to track which teachers are in which play-pods with what children so now all you need to do is disable the room ration option meaning you can have as many children and staff in the same play-pod or room. This is a fantastic tool which will save you so much time. Have a quick look at the video demonstration below and get in touch to set up a free dummy account so you can see how beneficial and user friendly this tool will be to your service. We have video tutorials in all areas of the app. Click here to watch the demo.

Also to help promote social distancing as parents will not want notebooks/sheets with daily updates or for that matter they will not be allowed on your premises for some time we’ll also give you free access until the end of the year to:

  • Conversations tool: This allows you to communicate much quicker and smarter with staff and your parents. It will help you promote social distancing as you can send messages, photos, videos, audio files, newsletters, pdf’s, policies and now with push notifications it’s just like text messages without the cost. Click here to watch demo.
  • Our NCS (National Childcare Scheme) Attendance tool and reports which will automatically calculate all your children’s hours. It’s very quick and easy way to mark your children arr/dep/sick/holiday etc and it’s compliant with Pobal for last 6 years – Click here to watch demo.
There is no obligation to use the platform after the free period ends on 31st Dec 2020, if you don’t get what you expected from the app or you are not happy you just let us know, it’s as simple as that. We’re confident your teachers and parents will love using the app, just have a look at what some of our customers say here.

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