crying at drop off

Are mornings in your house a little bit manic? You are not alone! Each morning busy parents across the country work against the clock, to get children dressed, fed and ready for school.  A simple missing shoe, soother or a sock not feeling right, can easily turn a whole morning routine on its ear. Then, add in tv cartoons or a mobile phone tug of wars and what you thought was going to be a peaceful morning, suddenly became a morning full of madness.

Next, its drop off time, arrive the tears, crying and clinging. We have all experienced that moment when you look at your child and their face is as red as a tomato and tears are running down their face.

A heart wrenching moment for all parents is often dropping their little one at creche each morning. Hearing their cries can be stressful and over whelming. We are here to help with our top drop off tips.

Avoid the morning rush

We all know the benefits for your child of having a bedtime routine. We recommend having a morning routine in place for drop off. This will make mornings more relaxed, fun and easier to prepare your child for school.

On your way to creche talk to your child about the things they might do and the people they will see. Even if your child is not old enough to talk back to you, they will start to understand that the same routine is taking place each morning. Be upbeat and confident. Your child can pick up on your moods. If you project happy confidence during drop off time, it could make your child feel better about staying in their school.

Keep your drop off quick

We know its tempting to stay around in the hope that your child will stop crying. However, your child is much more likely to become upset when you leave, if you linger around for too long.

Instead give those last goodbye kisses and hugs,  say “see you soon” and that you will be back later to collect them. Then leave.  If you don’t feel like you can leave completely, go to your car and wait for your creche to send you a message to say that your child has settled. When you drop off and collect your child from childcare, you should keep physical distance from other parents and staff and between children in different ‘play pods’.

Communicate with your
childcare provider after drop off

As a parent, you may find drop off harder than your child. Seeing your child upset can be heartbreaking. 

If you are concerned about your child, don’t be afraid to express this concern to your childcare provider. Openly communicate with them about how you are feeling and ask any questions you may have, for example;

-how long was your child crying for?

-is there anything that helped transition from me to your to the school? this could have been perhaps a toy or an activity. 

-what are the names of my child’s friend/who are they attached to?

-Is there anything that can make the situation easier that you have noticed?

Ask them do they have any recommendations or advice about morning drop offs. 

Give it some time

Your child needs time to adapt to their creche environment, it’s a big adjustment and can seem scary for your child.  Stay positive and be confident that your child will separate easily.