Here at Child Paths we understand and know how frustrating, overwhelming, time-consuming and repetitive your paperwork can be in an early year’s service day to day. We have been providing a solution to over 50,000 practitioners & parents in Ireland and the UK for the last six years.

What do we mean by paperwork? We are talking about day sheets, notebooks, attendance, food, activities, nappy changing, sleep, communication, observations, curriculum planning, learning stories, finance and invoices schemes all just to name a few! However, even with this amount of paperwork to do, our app has a quicker and smarter way to do it that will give you more time to spend with the children in your care.

The biggest thing we are trying to do is to promote parental involvement. With Covid-19 this was a huge barrier, where parents were not allowed into a service and practitioners had to reduce physical contact with notebooks etc. However, many of our customers have said our app was fantastic during Covid-19 as they were still able to communicate with their parents. This highlights the benefits of going digital and not only this, we have seen a huge increase in the number of services using our app. This is fantastic to see as the early year’s industry is one of the last industry’s to go digital, and as an industry, we need to move forward and look at the benefits. Such as; saving time, saving money, promoting parental involvement, compliances and inspections. 

It is all there for you in our app, it is just the challenges of moving from pen and paper to digital. Many crèche owners will ask themselves will my staff get use to the technology. However, fear not as statistics have proved that 9 out of 10 services that sign up to Child Paths continue using it year after year. Out of them up to 80% have used another system or more than one system. You do not want to make that mistake, you want to use one system that is reliable, user-friendly, secure, and fully comprehensive, that is what Child Paths can offer you.

We have a demo account, where you can see today how user friendly our app is and how easy it will be for your staff to start using it. We encourage you to get in touch today where we can set you up, and we guarantee you will not look back going down the digital route, or you can click here and set up your dummy account. Remember, this is all fake information, so you can click any button you want to see what it does. Remember, the rooms/day sheet area is where practitioners will spend most of their time. You can even swap from being a Manager to a Practitioner or a Parent so you get to see what each user can see. So give it a go; what have you got to lose. You can activate your real account from the main menu if you like it. You have video tutorials in every section to help you, but if you need help, we’re always there to answer any questions or help you with training.