The Importance of Tracking Children’s Milestones

The importance of tracking children’s milestones isn’t just to have memories of your child’s first steps for the family photo album. Being a parent and providing for your child in their first years can be difficult and time consuming, but did you know that your child’s brain develops most over the first three years of their life? This is a vital time where many of your child’s developmental milestones such as walking, talking, and potty training will occur. Here at Child Paths we understand this and have set out to help Parents to keep track of your child’s progress and milestones through our easy-to-use app. But why is tracking milestones so important?

The purpose of tracking children’s development in the Early years is to provide a picture of the child’s progress and to identify any areas that need further support. It is also a tool to share with parents (and a professional if needs be), parents will be able to understand their child’s learning and support any improvements at home. Without tracking your child’s milestones and progress it is a lot more difficult to determine any problems that they may be having.

Tracking your childs milestones with Child Paths App Parents continue on the memory into school

Tracking your child’s milestones will help to provide evidence as to whether children are working in the correct age band for their age and highlight any areas that they may need support in. Tracking your child’s progress with the Child Paths app will also help practitioners to gather evidence such as photographs, observations both spontaneous and planned, information from parents and child’s comments, all of this evidence will help practitioners make a best fit judgement of the age band the child is working within.

Every child as an individual and this should be reflected throughout their care and education. Nursery staff and especially key-carers need to take time to get to know each child individually, and with the help of Child Paths, this can be made simple. Stages of development such as mealtimes, sleeps and physical skills can be logged into the app, which will help both Parents and Educators to plan to support children’s individual needs and share children’s achievements with their families.

Using the Child Paths app means that each child’s record is unique to them and includes observations by staff of the children’s activities, interests photographs of them at play and examples of activities that the child has experienced. This detailed account of milestones and progress allows staff to build a comprehensive picture of every child and supports their future development and learning and eliminates the generic report card. These records are a very important tool, which helps key-carers to provide appropriate, stimulating, relevant activities and experiences for the children that they look after.

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