The Benefits of Using the Child Paths App for Your Child

Have you ever considered the day to benefits of using the Child Paths App? The most obvious benefit of using our App is to track your child’s development and milestones, but there’s so much more to it than that. Here at Child Paths we’ve developed an Educators Software that we’re passionate about and believe in. We’ve put together a list of our favourite benefits of using the Child Paths app below.

Create More Meaningful Conversation With Your Child.

We’ve all had the experience of asking our child what they did during creche or school only for them to reply ‘nothing”. Child Paths allows Educators to update you on what your child’s class did that day through pictures, observations, activities they did or general updates.  This takes the interrogation out of conversations with your children, giving you a starting point for a more meaningful conversation with your child during the precious time you get to spend with them. Children love to know you’re interested in what they’re learning and Child Paths is a great way to get them talking about their day.

Peace of Mind 

It’s never easy to drop of your child when they’re crying or having a bad day, but now your Early Years Educator can upload a photo of your child two minutes later, so you know they are happy. Child Paths gives you the opportunity to communicate much quicker and smarter with your child’s carer by sending them messages through the app. You can also send messages to your child’s room if you’re unsure who is in that day. Staff can acknowledge or reply back to your messages.

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Create Memories

Child Paths allows you to create memories for your child through our App by uploading photos to their profile. You can tag the photos into different categories such as Christmas, Birthdays, Halloween, Family days out, Holidays, etc and even tag those from your childcare setting into its own category so all of your photos are easy to find and your children will love looking at them all the time. When uploading photos you can keep them private which means only your family can view the photos or you can share them with the Early Years setting.

Update your Childs Details for Staff

Child Paths allows you to update your child’s details for Medicines, Allergies, Fears, Ongoing Illnesses and other facts. These will notify your child’s carer about your child’s health, saving time in cases of emergency.

Less Rushed Conversations

Both Parents and Early Years Educators are incredibly busy at drop off and pick up time. Parents are either rushing to work or rushing home to the rest of the family, and the staff are always busiest at these times, so it’s not always easy to give or receive all the relevant information on your child/children. With Child Paths you can simply send any information you forgot when you go to work or when you go home. Simply log in and send the message or update any info you need to. If you have forgotten to ask something, the chances are the answer is already in your child’s profile at this point anyway- the staff will be logging everything throughout the day on attendance, food, Medicine, Nappy changes, Sleep, Activities etc.

Child Paths is a software that we are passionate about. There are so many benefits to using the app, and your child will thank you for it in years to come when they’re looking at the collection of memories that you’ve built for them. If you would like more information as to how to introduce Child Paths to your Educational Setting, click here.

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