To reduce the amount of physical contact with teachers and guardians we have created a fantastic new storage area so you can upload all of your policies, handbooks, grant & scheme information and much more where you can share it with your colleagues or guardians. Over the years visiting services we could see the endless folders and files filling up offices and attics. Now more so than ever you need to limit the amount of physical contact be in through notebooks, daily updates or policies, handbooks and general service guidelines. If you have files stored on your computer you can password protect them and quickly and easily upload them to Child Paths where you have one central secure place to store and share this information. You can keep them private just for your own use or you can share them with guardians, colleagues or other managers. You can even scan your paper files through your printer and save them as pdf’s which you can then upload really fast to your Child Paths storage area giving you back all that space!!

Right now it’s about stopping the spread and the less physical contact the greater the chance we have of eliminating this virus. This is just one feature of many which will help you communicate much quicker and smarter allowing you to operate more efficiently and effectively. It will also help you to appear more professional by helping to improve communication at this difficult time with parents and show you have them and their child’s main interests at heart like you normally do, it’s just reinforcing the message.

Have a look at this video to get a better understanding of what you can store and how quick and easy you can do it. If you would like to see why thousands of practitioners are using Child Paths in Ireland and the UK let us know and we’ll set you up with a free dummy account to see how beneficial and useful Child Paths will be to you, your staff, parents and children. 

Click here to watch the video!

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