Child in Primary School Classroom

Our software helps teachers to communicate more efficiently and effectively with students and parents allowing them to monitor and track their educational journey whilst supporting children transitioning from Pre-school to Primary School.

Teachers and parents provide a vital support system to help students flourish. When parents and teachers communicate and work together effectively, it can significantly impact each student’s long-term success.

Work smarter with all the features you need to manage and automate the core functions of your school, eliminating repetitive and unproductive administration work. Build custom forms curriculum plans and easily manage everything from online child registration, occupancy planning, staff rotas to communicating homework, subjects, milestones and updates with parents.

Teacher Benefits

Reduce Cost

Save thousands on stationery and printing costs

Improve Productivity

Save hundreds of hours on repetitive paperwork and record-keeping

Link National Frameworks

Seamlessly link Aistear & Siolta and EYFS

Be Inspection Ready

Our platform helps with compliance to meet regulations

Digital Storage

No more filing cabinets. Digitally stored and easily accessed

Parental Involvement

Give a greater insight into their child’s learning & development

Allows for Early Intervention

Flags when help may be needed in a child’s development

Real-Time Communication

Instant communication between teachers and parents

Stand Out from Your Competition

Move your service into the 21st century by going digital

Teacher Features

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‘Communication is the basis of all relationships’. No more need to write notes into individual children’s notebooks. Instead, send communications digitally to both parents and teachers. You can now share videos, audio files, newsletters, policies, pdf’s, word doc and most other file formats.
Communication tool
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Attendance Tool
Our attendance tool automatically calculates all your children’s hours with the click of a button for each day, week or month. You can compare each child’s projected hours versus the actual hours they did.
Attendance reports
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Our homework tool allows teachers, students and parents to check and sign off on homework digitally. Teachers can now communicate each students homework quicker and smarter where both teacher, student and parents can communicate if necessary.
Homework parents can digitally sign off on
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Help parents feel more involved by sending quick snippets and even photos on what their children are learning daily. You can do this quick and easy for each of the subjects to all students and parents.
List of subjects in Primary School
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Curriculum Planner
Plan your teaching curriculum days, weeks and months in advance. Be able to highlight to your students and parents what your school has in store for their learning journey. You can let students and parents give feedback on the curriculum and state if there are any emerging interests from students or parents while seamlessly linking the National Frameworks of Aistear & Síolta or EYFS
Curriculum Planning Tool
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Occupancy Planning
Always know when, and if, you have space available for new students in each class for the coming term, or for the years ahead. All your students will move rooms automatically and you can set alerts to move students manually if you wish.
Occupancy Planning
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