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Where it all began

Child Paths would like to take you on a journey through your child’s educational career, from toddler to teenager. We will help you build a unique memory for you to monitor, track and analyse the information to improve your child’s learning and development in real time – as it happens. It’s a great way to store memories in one location as it stores the information in chronological order. You can literally see your child growing before your eyes. Child Paths was designed to support, assist and educate parents to understand more about what they can do at various stages of their child’s early years. Child Paths is all about staying in touch with your child’s development throughout the years, from their interaction with Early Years Educators through to the Leaving Certificate.

Understand more about your child’s early years and development

From a Parents Perspective

It’s no longer a question “does parental involvement help with your child’s learning and development, it’s a FACT.” As parents it is our responsibility to give our children the best start in life. By getting more involved in their early years education, their learning and development, they stand a greater chance of achieving success. The Child Paths App was developed to help parents to be come more involved in their child’s development whilst watching out for important milestones. It is helpful to parents in aiding them to log their child’s achievements as they happen. Mealtimes, nappy changing, achievements and playtimes can all be logged by the Early Year Educators for parents to see within the App. Parents can rest assured that their children are safe and are being well looked after as every interaction is captured within the system.

Start meaningful conversations with your child through greater insight into your child's day

Discover – Milestones Early Intervention Tool

The App also logs milestones and missed milestones. Missed milestones are incredibly important to track as they help identify whether a child has learning difficulties and so early intervention can be given. It’s a proactive way to manage your child’s development in this busy world. The App has been developed with the Adult and Child Therapy Centre who are a multi disciplinary team made up of clinical psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, CBT therapists and behaviour specialists. Our App will create an action plan automatically for each child if they’re not reaching those important milestones. With a learning difficulty such as autism and ADHD, the key is early intervention. You can have a look at this in action on the video to the right.


Raffaella Pennella

Great tool to be always aware of what happens to our kids at school. When I collect my 4 year old boy from school I usually ask him what he did during the day and the reply was always the same: “nothing”. Thanks to this app I am now able to see in real time what he does during the day. The teachers also share pictures and observations of the children, this is really helpful!


This app has made the child care experience so much more enjoyable! The fact that i’m able to read what’s happened throughout my child’s day makes the pickup much quicker as i’m already educated as their parent. Also the pictures that are posted are such a pick-me-up throughout the day and significantly reduce stress or any concerns i may have had. Thank you!

Aine Cahill

I love being able to check in on my children’s activities on the child paths site. It’s great to see pictures of what they’ve been up to during the day! So much easier than having a build up of papers too!

Eve Glover

This app is fantastic! It’s great to know more about what my child actually does during pre-school. This app lets me see the activities that she participates in and the fun that she has. The photos are priceless! I would highly recommend this app.

Tiernan's Nursery, Rathmines, Dublin

As a mother that has returned to work, the Child Paths App is a wonderful way for me to keep track of my baby’s day and feel reassured that she is doing well. I absolutleylove seeing the photos on a daily basis.

First Steps, Marino, Dublin

This app is fantastic! It’s great to know more about what my child actually does during pre-school. This app lets me see the activities that she participates in and the fun that she has. The photos are priceless! I would highly recommend this app.The Child Paths app allows me to have a different conversation wiht the creche and with my children. I can see from the notes and the pictures what they have been doing that day, which allows me to get further insight from the creche into the activites and allows me to follow on the conversation or learning at home.

Laura McGhee

As a parent moving from being your child’s principal care giver and relinquishing some of the responsibility onto someone else is a scary thing. I was no longer the centre of our little girl’s world she was branching out and discovering new things and forging her own personality and independence, and I was missing out. Thankfully I found a crèche who was all about balance and they were involved with Child Paths. Thanks to Child Paths when we are in work we can check in on her and get to see all the things she has been up to during the day – from what she has eaten, to how she has slept and what activities she has been involved in and best of all we also get to see pictures so we can see how happy she is. It also gives us something to talk to her about when we collect her from simply asking her did she enjoy painting or playing with the sea shells it’s us getting involved in her life. Great if you are having bad day in work and check in and see a picture uploaded and a cheeky smile and your day is instantly better and I love that we can upload our own photos, its brilliant! Child Paths gives peace of mind and it’s great to look back over all the photographs and see how much she has grown and developed. Without Child Paths we wouldn’t be able to do this!!

Grainne O'Carroll

Hi all, I was a bit unsure when the creche introduced this new system, particularly as these was a fee involved. However, I am totally coverted. I love to see the photos of my little girl with her friends and teachers and all the activities they do during the day. I really appreciate the effort that they put into doing arts and crafts, storytime and the sensory play with such little ones. It is lovely to check in during the day while at work and see what she is up to! We are very happy with the system and I consider it very much worth the monthly fee. Thank you

Andrea Donlon

Child Paths is a wonderful application. It is so reassuring to be able to check in each day as much as I like, with just the click of a button to see how my little girl is getting on. As a parent it can be tough having your little one away from you but being able to see pictures of them doing vasious activites and having the ability to see their daily information tracked (Such as eating and sleeping logs) is a great source of comfort. I honestly would be lost without it!

Clodagh Crowley

When you are a busy working parent and trying to balance everything at the same time, it can all get a bit overwhelming. However, with Childpaths, you are only ever a few clicks away from checking in on your little ones and sometimes seeing a photo of them having fun, covered in paint or playdoh can make your day and make things a little easier. You feel that you are connected to your child and it can take away a little of the guilt that i sometimes have as a working parent, when you can see that your child is being cared for and having fun. I travel a lot with work and being able to access childpaths from my phone wherever i may be is of great importance to me. To be able to communicate with the centre via this app is a great function too as it can be very busy in the mornings and it is not fair to expect the poor child care workers to remember everything that every parent says to them. I find childpaths to be of great benefit to me and my family. Thank you

Elaine Sherlock

I signed up to the childpaths app when my son started creche when he was just turned two. From the beginning I found it reassuring as it took him a little while to settle into creche and even though there were tears as I dropped him off I could see from the app that he was getting along fine once he settled. Its not only great for checking on the basics like if he has eaten his meals but also from the photos posted by the staff I know what activities he has done that day. This makes talking to him about his day much easier and he is drawn into the conversation when I can pick a topic such as painting, baking, playing outside, etc instead of only asking what did you do today? Wouldn’t be without it now.

Muire Donnelly

Child Paths has helped to make the transition back to work so much easier. It is so nice to get updates of what our little one is up to during the day. The App offers an almost fly on the wall like picture of our son’s day. Everytime a photo is uploaded it brightens up my day. Having started using Child Paths there is not way we could stop.

Happy Mom
Parent - Belview Creche, Killarney, Kerry

This App is a fantastic toll to be able to see how happy and conetctyour child is in creche. You can monitor food intake, sleeps, nappy changing and all the activities your child is involved in during the day. I can see the fun my daughter has with the staff at the creche. It’s the best decision I made to opt into this App as I’m happy that my daughter is very happy in the creche.

Lisa Jordan

I don’t think the experience of having my daughter in crèche would be so easy without the use and access of the childpath app. This app really gives me peace of mind every day, as I can see exactly what is happening in regards to eating, sleeping, nappies, activities etc. I don’t think any one person could keep me updated as much as this app can. Also with the added bonus of the beautiful photo galleries I have to keep as memories & the ease of use with the app. I have recommended this application to many of my friends who are excited to sign up and use it too. Thank you for making my experience so much easier and enjoyable