Parent and child looking at Child Paths

Child Paths is an easy to
use real-time app
designed to allow for
more efficient and
effective communication
between parents and
teachers in both early
years and primary

Laptop, tablet and smartphone showing childpaths app

Child Paths is an easy to use real-time app designed to allow for more efficient and effective communication between parents and teachers in both early years and primary schools.


As parents, it's our responsibility to give our children the best start in life.

Looking to activate your

All you need to do is give your email address to your service and they will activate your account. You will then get an email from Child Paths with instructions to set up your account. Please read the instructions as it will tell you how to save it to your phone as an app.

Parent Benefits

Peace of mind

Feel assured by receiving real-time updates on your child’s welfare, learning & development

Enhance Communication

Communicate quicker and smarter with teachers in real-time

Build and store memories

Keep those early years memories safe and secure for future viewing

Monitor your child’s progress

Monitor and track your child’s learning and development

Allows for Early Intervention

Flags when help may be needed in your child’s development and automatically suggests action plans to follow

Educate your child’s teachers

Upload photos and send information on your child so their teachers learns more about them at home

Create meaningful conversations with your child

You’ll know exactly what they’ve been doing to get them to open up about their day

Understand more about the National Framework

Understand why your child does certain activities so you can work on their development together at home

See our Milestone video

Parent Features

Daily Logs

Attendance, Sleep, Food & Medicine, Nappy Changes (Early Years)

Our parent-friendly software allows you to see the real-time updates made by your child’s teacher on areas of Attendance, Food & Medicine, Nappy Changes and Sleeping. 

Activities & Photos

(Early Years & School)

As a parent, we love nothing more than receiving updates and photos of our children, highlighting all the marvelous and wonderous (in our eyes) things they do!

Child Profile/Gallery

(Early Years & School)

Parents can view only their own children’s profiles where they can see areas like their daily overview, gallery, observations, milestones, curriculum plans or their schedule of days they are in the service. You can also send a message to the room so the teacher can easily acknowledge or reply to your message.


(Early Years & School)

Parents will receive email notifications when a teacher completes an observation on your child. You will get a greater insight into some of the areas your teachers may observe your child to help with their learning and development.

Curriculum Planning

(Early Years & School)

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what your teachers were planning to do with your child each week, month or year? Well, now you can get access to this curriculum plan which will give you great ideas about what you can do at home to help get more involved and you can even leave feedback.


(Early Years & School)

This tool was built in collaboration with doctors from the Adult and Child Therapy Centre, and acts as an early intervention tool should you feel your child may need further assistance in their development. It will automatically create action plans if your child is not meeting 50% of their milestones.


(Early Years & School)

Get rid of that bundle of envelopes and stack of notepaper taking up space in your kitchen drawer! With Child Paths, you no longer need to scribble notes to your teacher. Our software allows you to communicate instantly with your teacher, send photos, videos, audio files, pdf’s, word doc and most other file types. You will be able to look back over any previous conversations that you have had, as all conversations along with the time & dates will be stored within this area.

Child Details

(Early Years & School)

Add food allergies to your child’s details as it will show up as a warning if your early year’s service or school provide your child with food. You can also add in other general comments, medicines, comforts, favourite foods etc, you can even add in the names of relatives or friends who may collect your child.

News Feed

(Early Years & School)

If you have more than one child using Child Paths the News Feed will display all the latest information and pictures for all of your children in one place. It’s quick and easy to get the latest updates so you’re not switching between profiles.


(Early Years & School)

You will get notifications in the app when there is something new. It won’t beep to alert, you just dip in and out of the app throughout the day to see the notifications. The world icon generally notifies you of the normal day to day activities, if a photo has been uploaded or if your teacher has left a comment or sent you a message. The “M” icon will notify you if you as a reminder to complete your action plan with your child or to reassess them after the three-month plan is finished.


(Early Years & School)

Our video tutorials in every section are fantastic in helping you get up and running on our app as it will show you section by section how to use the app, but should you prefer, we can come and train all your teachers and managers one to one in your setting at a time that suits you.

Help Section

(Early Years & School)

Should you have any questions or need any help this is what this section is for. Please use this to contact us with any questions or concerns and we’ll be sure to reply back to your comments as soon as possible.


(Early Years & School)

Are you always forgetting to bring something in for your child’s teacher or need to remember to do something for your child, now you can set reminders in the app so you don’t forget!



Feel more involved by receiving updates and even photos of what your child is learning about daily. Build your knowledge and create more meaningful conversations about their learning.



Now all of your child’s homework will be available daily where you can review and mark as complete. You can even leave comments for your child’s teacher.

Categorise all your children’s memories

Photo memories

There is also a really cool feature which allows you to categorise all your children’s memories like my first, family, holiday, Christmas time etc

Proud to be partners with

Being a mammy who works full time I often used to feel like I was missing out on watching my children grow and learn, and on spending quality time with them whilst they’re small… Since using Child Paths, that has changed. Our wonderful Créche, Lilliput, Rathdrum brought in Child Paths and it has opened a whole new world to me. I can log on whenever I have a free moment and catch up with my girls’ day. I can see what they’re eating and at what times. I can see how happy they are learning new things and playing with all their friends. Looking at their photos gives me a great sense of pride, that, yes I do have to work, and they do have to go to créche, but they’re having so much fun and learning so much more than I could ever teach them. Thanks so much, Child Paths and Lilliput!! From a very appreciative mammy.

Parent – Michelle Kelly
Lilliput Childcare, Rathdrum, Co Wicklow

When you are a busy working parent and trying to balance everything at the same time, it can all get a bit overwhelming. However, with Child Paths, you are only ever a few clicks away from checking in on your little ones and sometimes seeing a photo of them having fun, covered in paint or playdoh can make your day and make things a little easier. You feel that you are connected to your child, and it can take away a little of the guilt that I sometimes have as a working parent when you can see that your child is being cared for and having fun. I travel a lot with work and being able to access Child Paths from my phone wherever I maybe is of great importance to me. To be able to communicate with the centre via this app is a great function too as it can be very busy in the mornings and it is not fair to expect the poor teachers to remember everything that every parent says to them. I find Child Paths to be of great benefit to my family and me. Thank you,

Parent – Clodagh Crowley

This app has made the childcare experience so much more enjoyable! The fact that I’m able to read what’s happened throughout my child’s day makes the pickup much quicker as I’m already educated as their parent. Also, the pictures that are posted are such a pick-me-up throughout the day and significantly reduce stress or any concerns I may have had. Thank you!

Parent – Nikki

Child Paths have helped to make the transition back to work so much easier. It is so nice to get updates on what our little one is up to during the day. The app offers an almost fly on the wall type picture of our son’s day. Every time a photo is uploaded, it brightens up my day. Having started using Child Paths, there is no way we could stop.

Parent – Muire Donnelly

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