We have been serving early years settings in Ireland since 2014. We have built up an excellent reputation as we listen to our customers needs and ensure we deliver a quality product and customer service. Over the years we found many of the frustrating areas in childcare was the amount of administration put on each service. To help combat this, we have introduced so many features to help reduce the amount of time on administration so you and your teachers can spend more time on what’s most important – the children. With this in mind, we have now changed the way child registration forms can be completed. Now you can ask your parents to fill in all the information about their children and themselves through the app. 

Now parents can complete the get to know me information like their favourite songs, foods, toys etc. They can add all of their child’s emergency contacts with phone and email address. They can add health information like doctors name, phone number, address, health records, immunisations, medicines, allergies, dietary requirements. With the new forms builder, you can create your own forms and assign them to each child’s profile so your parents can complete them in their profile through the app. So if you want to create your own forms for medicine consent, immunisation, consent to photos or day trips, you can build these all and get parents to sign them through the app in their child’s profile, you just select where in the parent app you want the forms to appear. What many services are doing now is they are getting parents to complete the daily questions concerning Covid19 before their child arrives at the service. Again all of this saving you vast amounts of time, it’s all in the app for evidence of compliance and if you currently pay for your child registration forms that will be another saving you will get from using Child Paths Software.

With our new schemes tool each service can fill in all their details relating to their schemes, times, dates and rates and use the reports to calculate how many hours each child has done for each scheme. You can use the occupancy room planner so you know how many spaces you have available in your service and which teachers are needed for which rooms for the next few weeks, months and years. If you are full you can add them to your waiting list in the app and when you have a place they can complete the information quicker and smarter through the app. 

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