Child Paths referral scheme discount

Invoice and schemes features


Deirdre Bushell (Director of Operations)

“We are delighted to be working with Child Paths on their new finance feature. Its great to be able to engage with a company that have such knowledge of the Irish childcare sector and the funding schemes. They’ve built in recurring invoicing whether you charge weekly or monthly and it automatically links in with the childs scheme funding. With the ability to apply bespoke fee types, discount levels and addons it simplifies the whole process of generating invoices. This will be hugely beneficial from Pobal compliance purposes as it shows the funding breakdowns on the parents invoice allowing for all schemes including NCS wrap around hours. The invoices will be automatically available on the families Child Paths account once they have been enabled which means no more letters getting lost at the bottom of school bags and parents can see what their upcoming invoice will be. We are working with Child Paths to be able to generate a csv file for Direct Debit processing.”

Ciaran Flynn Founder of Child Paths talking about the benefits

Pricing Management

You can set up different pricing rates for all of your branches and rooms. You can select if it’s full-time, part-time or afterschool. You can give a group name and then set the frequency if it is weekly, monthly, daily or hourly. You can then set your rates based on 1 day a week, 2 days, 3 days etc.

Child Overview Rates

You can apply a rate for each individual child based on the pricing management table you create within your service. Here you can use a drop-down to pick the rate of a specific room or an overall rate you use across your service, you decide on the rates. You can add discounts for example a sibling discount where you can set an expiry date and/or make it a recurring discount so the discount is applied continuously. You can add additional services for example you may charge for school collections, Gymboree or you may have a one-off charge for graduation gowns, again these can be seamlessly added to your invoices. Parents will have access to all of their invoices within their app which will list the breakdown of each of their invoices to include discounts, additional charges and schemes.

Child Schemes

You can apply your schemes to individual children or apply it to a group of children. You can add the type of scheme, date ranges, the total number of hours, price and frequency. You can also set specific time ranges for each scheme and then report on which children are meeting the days or hours in the specific scheme. Your scheme reports can compare different attendance from projected to real. You can set a scheme rate in the branch section which is applied across the branch for example with ECCE all children will automatically have a rate applied to their profile. You can overwrite this in each child’s profile. The scheme rate and date range will then appear within the invoice and be dedicated from the total

Invoice List

Here, you can view all of your invoices in one place. You can use different filters if you have more than one branch you can use a filter to separate branches and rooms. You can search by a child or a guardian. You can pick set date ranges and also search recurring invoices or one-off invoices. You can also filter by payment status for those parents who are paid, unpaid or partially paid. You can also add payments to the invoices where you can select if payment was made by cash, bank transfer, credit/debit card or direct debit. If it’s paid in full the amount will appear in green or if partial payment it will appear with the amount in amber. You can also add notes to the payment and select what date the payment was made.

Invoice Breakdown

The breakdown of each invoice will automatically appear from what has been selected in “Child Overview Pricing and Schemes” area. This will show the total rate for each child, along with any additional charges, it will list the schemes for each child along with any discounts. It will be automatically calculated and give a total amount due from the parent. This invoices will be available within the app for parents to view to understand what is owed and if the scheme amount is correct. You will also have the ability to email notify parents when new invoices are due so they get an invoice with the breakdown through email too.

Invoice Balances

This area will give you a dashboard at the top listing the total invoice amount owed in for the company, balance outstanding and total amount of payments received. Again you will have filters to select each branch if you have more than one, you can also filter by children or guardians, you can select date ranges, searching invoices which are only recurring invoices and also search here by payment status of paid, unpaid or partially paid. You can also mark invoices as paid from this section too. It will also list a breakdown of every invoice in a table to show what was owed for the invoice, when it was paid, how much was paid and what the outstanding balance is for the invoice