Contactless connections with parents

There is a special bond between you and parents: Together you are co-teaching the most important people in their lives and working towards the same goal: helping their child learn, development and grow. 

During the new normal, it may be harder for you to connect and make contactless relationships with parents.

Below are ways that help you enhance your relationship with parents while following restrictions.

Drop off and pick up

If it is possible, try to be present during drop off and pick-up times. Seeing an owner or supervisor with a friendly wave and a “Hi, how are you?” will put in some needed face time and show that is it important to you to see parents in any way you can-from a safe distance, of course!

Send a weekly newsletter

You may already be doing this, but if not, now is a good time to start sending regular communications to families. This can be sent through our conversation feature on our app. 

When parents are not experiencing any face time with their preschool provider, don’t worry about over communicating or if you don’t have anything “newsworthy” to share. By sending something to your parents, will help them feel connected and offering excellent care for their children is still your top priority.
Here are some of our ideas of what you can share with parents if you are experiencing some writers block;
• A meet the staff series, where you can share fun facts about each of your staff members.
• Easy recipes for parents to try at home that children loved while being in your care.
• Fun activities to try at home to keep children entertained.

Send a message "just because"

An informal message through you’re the Child Paths app will go a long way towards making parents feel like they still have that 1 to 1 relationship with you even though they can’t see you in person. This can be something simple such as “I found this recipe that that I think Kevin will really like” or “I think Emma will love these arts and crafts activities”. This will delight parents by showing them that their children and them are still the top of your mind.

Send photos and videos

Encourage your staff to take lots of photos and videos throughout the day to share with parents. It is true a picture is worth a thousand words. This will help parents feel connected while they are at work and can avoid the feeling of missing out.

Activity lists

Many parents are now spending time at home and one of the biggest questions during COVID-19 has been how to fill up their child’s day. You can easily solve this problem for them by sending parents a list of activities that will help with their child’s learning and development, along with a supply lists for activities containing fun things for families to do together at home. Encourage parents to share photos.