Child Paths education software app

Safety compliance is consistently an important priority for child care providers, but it is vital during this time. Many early years professionals across the country are seeking to discover ways to keep themselves, their staff, and children safe, stay open and continue providing quality care. During this time, you may feel a little anxious or stressed about how you are going to achieve this.

Software is playing a very important role throughout serval industries during this time, including the education industry. Yes, technology can be viewed as a scary thing, for most people it is the fear of the unknown and this can be overwhelming. However, educational software is a very easy and an accessible way to reduce some of your daily anxieties and keep everyone in your service that much safer.

From digitizing different daily tasks to digital sign ins, educational software can assist you, your staff and your parents receive a little more control over several things.

Childcare is an important part of a child’s life, it is your service and staff that will play a key role in a child’s life, by helping with their emotional, social and physical development. You deserve the best resources to help you care for your children who are growing up in a very odd time.

Taking this all into account, let us take a look at how we, at Child Paths can help you by providing you with the user friendly and best tools you need to keep everyone safe in your service.

Contactless forms

During COVID-19 everyone is trying their best to encourage and use contactless methods and resources as much as possible. Afterall, it is a strange and scary time we are living in. Our Form builder feature will allow you to offer your staff and parents the ability to digitally sign forms online, avoiding the sharing of pens, papers or even tablets. This will help to eliminate person to person contact.

Invoices and schemes

COVID-19 has affected services in many ways and has put pressure early years’ services bottom line due being closed, opened again and then opened only for frontline worker’s children. Creating invoices, applying schemes, and chasing payments can be tricky and time consuming. For this  reason, we have created our new Invoice and scheme feature, which will automate all of this, saving you time. Watch our Video below to learn more.

Being safe day to day

As you are aware, children are grouped into small groups (sometimes called bubbles/play pods) that are separated to reduce contact. Our Staff Rota, Staff Sign in and Rooms features, will give you a very easy overview of your team to child ratios in each of your rooms and your staff’s schedules for the upcoming weeks. This will allow you quickly see and be sure that you’re keeping to the guideline of staff to child ratio, while having to spend less time working out who can work when.

Open and clear communication

We have all experienced a time when we needed to quickly communicate changing regulations, updated, closures and even COVID-19 cases. Without software this can be very difficult and can be time consuming, not to mention trying to ensure that you contact everyone at the same time clearly. Our Conversations feature will allow you to communicate everything in one place to parents or your staff/both. You can share videos, audio files, PDF’s and more. This will reduce your stress and avoid you experiencing the chaos of trying to search through your email inbox, scribbled emergency contacts (that are very hard to read) or trying to create a large WhatsApp or Facebook group that not everyone will wish to join. There is always the possibility you will forget or leave someone out.  Software can help you avoid all of this.  

Digital transformation

Digital technologies in early years service is becoming more and more common. The rapid evolution of digital technology is helping to offer new and exciting opportunities, enhance efficiencies, promote collaboration and reduce your costs.

As the early years industry becomes more competitive, digital transformation can be viewed as a necessary. Therefore, not only will software enhance safety in your service, it will also give you a competitive edge.

Our team are here to help you with your digital transformation, overcome any barriers you may feel insecure about and support you by helping you every step of the way. We will spend time training you and you staff on how to use our software and features to ensure safety in your service.