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FAQ's for Parents

How do I set up my account?

If you would like to set up an account on Child Paths, you will need to speak with your early years setting and ask them to activate your account. To activate your account, they will need an email address. Once they activate your account, you will receive an email from Child Paths with the parent video and steps to start using your Child Paths account. Depending on the pricing model you will either start a free 30-day trial if you are paying Child Paths directly where it will cost €7.50 per month per family. If your early year’s service is paying Child Paths directly you will need to speak with them to confirm the cost.

How do I save the app to my desktop like an app (Phone or Tablet)?


  • When in click on the box with an arrow point up at the bottom
  • Click add to home screen
  • Move to the home page for convenience


  • When in click on the three dots in the top right corner
  • Click add to home screen
  • Move to the home page for convenience

How do I get into Child Paths on another device?

Child Paths is a responsive web application, so you can log in to any device. All you need to do is use this website site address:

What if I forget my password?

You can reset your password at any time. Under the login area, you will see a link “Forgot my password”. Add in your email address, and we’ll send you a new password reset link.

What happens if I put in the password wrong more than 3 times?

For security reasons, you will be locked out of your account for 24 hours. If you are unsure of the password on your third attempt, it will make sense to click on the “forgot my password” link and reset it. If you get locked out, you can contact our support team who can enable your account again by emailing

Will Child Paths remember my user name and password?

For security reasons no! However, depending on your browser (chrome, safari, etc.) they may ask you if you want to save your user name and password. That is totally up to you to decide.

Can anybody else access the app?

It’s a family subscription. The only way they can get access is if you share your log in details with your partner or even the child’s Grandparents, Aunt or Uncle, just be careful how you share those log in details. We do NOT advise you to send them electronically via email or text etc. Verbally in their presence would be the safest.

Can I add a second email address, so they get email notification when an Observation is done or a message/photo sent through Communication?

Yes, you can add a second email address. To do this log into the app, click menu, click my account, click edit, add the email address and enter your password to authorise.

Why is the date of my child’s observation different from today’s date?

The Early Years Educators may have created the Observation but did not get time to fully complete it on that date. A draft is created and only when the observation is marked complete will it be sent to the parent.

Why can’t I see my child’s profile?

You will need to speak with the staff to confirm they have assigned your child/children to your Guardian account.

Can I add a 2nd Child?

If you would like to add another child to Child Paths, they must be in the same early years setting. At present, you can only add children who are in the same setting, and you must ask the staff/manager to add your second child to your account.

How do I upload photos to my child’s profile

Make sure you’re in Child Profile. Click on your child’s profile, under recent activity you will see a green camera icon, click on this to upload your photos.

Can I upload photos so the staff sees the photos and can talk to my child about the photo?

Yes when uploading your photos under “Privacy” you will have two options

  • Photo(s) shared with childcare facility – this is uploaded to your child’s profile/gallery so the staff are notified and can view the photo. This helps the staff to create conversations about your child’s life outside of the setting
  • Photo(s) private – this is uploaded to your child’s profile/gallery. However, this is private for only your account. Nobody else will be able to see these photos

What are “Tags” within photos

Tags are used to create different categories of your child’s memories. The idea came from the film “Inside Out” where they look back on the child’s memories, now you can do this with your own child/children. When uploading a photo you can create tags like “My First”, “Birthday’s”, “Achievements” or “Holidays” to mention but a few. Each time you add a new photo you click into the tags area and a list of different categories will pop up. You just select the category or categories you require, and your photos will be stored under the chosen heading. This is great for looking back over with your children.

Cancel Subscription?

If you would like to cancel your subscription where you pay Child Paths directly you will need to do the following:

  • Click on “Menu”
  • Click on “Subscription”
  • Click on “Cancel my subscription” at the bottom7.50