Childcare classroom

Teacher Features

Invoice and schemes

You will have all your invoicing & payments easily accessible and in one place.

Online Child Registration

You can now get parents & guardians to complete their child’s registration details online through the app. They can add in some information around “get to know me”, upload profile picture, add emergency contacts, health information, doctors details, medicines and more. Once the parents & guardians activate their account they will be prompted to fill in their own details first and then their children’s helping reduce physical contact and will save a huge amount of time on administration.

Form Builder

We have created various digital forms where your parents and staff can digitally sign online like incident & accident, medical consent and cleaning sheets. We have created all the HSA forms for your staff returning to work, these can all be completed online and saved automatically for compliance. You can edit any of the forms or create your own. You can use it to create surveys or questionnaires with colleagues and parents or build your own checklists, it’s endless.


‘Communication is the basis of all relationships’. No more need to write notes into individual children’s notebooks Instead, send communications digitally to both parents and teachers. You can now share videos, audio files, newsletters, policies, pdf’s, word doc and most other file formats.

Occupancy Planning

Always know when, and if, you have space available for next week, next term, next year, or for the years ahead. Pick a date and know how many spaces you have available.

Daily Records

Food and Medicine, Nappy Changes and Sleeping

Pen and paper are very time consuming, labour intensive and repetitive! Child Paths will help teachers save time, and record everything at the touch of a button.

Attendance Tool - (NCS Compliant)

Our attendance tool automatically calculates all your children’s hours with the click of a button for each day, week or month. You can compare each child’s projected hours versus the actual hours they did. 


Create observations on each child whilst linking in seamlessly with your National Framework of Aistear & Siolta or EYFS. Our ‘talk to text’ function allows you to type using your voice.



This was built in collaboration with doctors from the Adult and Child Therapy Centre, and acts as an early intervention tool should you feel any of the children in your service need further assistance in their development.

Curriculum Planner

Plan your teaching curriculum days, weeks and even months in advance. Be able to highlight to your parents what your service has in store for their child’s learning journey.

Activities And Photos

Make your parent’s day by sending notifications and photos of their little darlings! Every parent loves to see pictures and receive snippets of stories showing what their child is doing during their day.

Staff Rota

Based on your ratios you can build your staff rota so you know which teachers are needed for what rooms.

Staff Sign In

If you want to do your payroll quicker you can use the new teacher sign-in option. They can mark themselves arrived and departed each day and also in and out for breaks.


Stay inspection compliant. We’re helping thousands of teachers since 2014 with inspections. With our software, reports can be run off at the touch of a button. You can now maintain reports digitally so they can be pulled from your system whenever they are requested for auditing at a click of a button. You can also print or export the reports into excel if needed.


Our video tutorials in every section are fantastic in helping you get up and running on our platform as it will show you section by section how to use the app. However, should you require it, we will come to your service personally to train all your teachers and managers, at a time that suits you.

Video & Audio

Now if you need to share videos or music, it can be done at the click of a button. Even if you want to create your own audio with greetings, advice or support to parents and children you can record your own voice and send this to parents. So with Aistear it’s about understanding more about the children outside of the service, now you can even get the children and parents to upload videos of themselves at home.

Text To Speech

Can’t read your own version of ‘shorthand’? Not to worry! You no longer need to write up those pages of notes accumulated throughout your busy day. With Child Paths, you just talk into your tablet and it will type it up for you. Have a go. It’s easy! Another feature which will free up some of your valuable time, allowing you to spend it with the children and communicate much quicker and smarter.

Storage - Policies, Schemes, Health & Safety, Administration and more

Endless boxes of files filling up your office. Now you can store everything on Child Paths and share with your colleagues or guardians. You can drag and drop folders from one to another. You can upload all the files from your computer and password protect ones which are sensitive. You can even use your printer to scan all the paper files into pdf’s and upload to Child Paths giving you back all that space.. 

Push Notifications

Now you can send push notifications just like texting but without the cost. Parents can decide which notifications they would like to receive so they instantly get to see them on their phone or computer.