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Direct Debit Mandate

Direct Debit Mandate Generator

From the invoices list, simply select the guardians you wish to include in the mandate, pick your collection date and balance type, and generate the file. The system runs validation to check the format of the mandate. The mandates are generated based on the data in the invoicing system.

Enter bank details for guardians into the system.

Simply add the bank & mandate details for the guardians into Child Paths. 

IBAN validation.

Our validator is designed to help prevent incorrect IBANs being entered into the system. It recognises formatting issues as you enter the IBANs into the system and flags it to the users.

Teacher Benefits

Reduce Cost

Save thousands on stationery and printing costs

Improve Productivity

Save hundreds of hours on repetitive paperwork and record-keeping

Link National Frameworks

Seamlessly link Aistear & Siolta and EYFS

Be Inspection Ready

Our platform helps with compliance to meet regulations

Digital Storage

No more filing cabinets. Digitally stored and easily accessed

Parental Involvement

Give a greater insight into their child’s learning & development

Allows for Early Intervention

Flags when help may be needed in a child’s development

Real-Time Communication

Instant communication between teachers and parents

Stand Out from Your Competition

Move your service into the 21st century by going digital

Proud To Be Collaborating With

Marie Daly (CEO)
Marie Daly (CEO)Crann Support Group
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The Crann Support Group considered many different digital products on the market, both at home and abroad.

The product that could most obviously meet the needs of the childcare facility and parents alike was the Child Paths App.

This decision was an outcome of a consultation process, which involved Childcare Professionals and Parents. We have found the team at Child Paths to be extremely professional and helpful with all of our queries and would not hesitate in lending our name to support their product.
Deirdre Bushell (Director)
Deirdre Bushell (Director)Grovelands
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We are delighted to be working with Child Paths on their new finance feature. Its great to be able to engage with a company that have such knowledge of the Irish childcare sector and the funding schemes. They’ve built in recurring invoicing whether you charge weekly or monthly and it automatically links in with the childs scheme funding. With the ability to apply bespoke fee types, discount levels and addons it simplifies the whole process of generating invoices. This will be hugely beneficial from Pobal compliance purposes as it shows the funding breakdowns on the parents invoice allowing for all schemes including NCS wrap around hours. The invoices will be automatically available on the families Child Paths account once they have been enabled which means no more letters getting lost at the bottom of school bags and parents can see what their upcoming invoice will be. We are working with Child Paths to be able to generate a csv file for Direct Debit processing.
Karen Clince (CEO)
Karen Clince (CEO)Tigers Childcare
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We have been working with Child Paths since 2017.

We have found every part of the process seamless and easy. The staff has more time with the children in their care with the use of tablets instead of paperwork. As childcare practitioners, we understand that supporting families and open communication and interaction leads to better outcomes for children.

We now see Child Paths as an integral part of achieving these close relationships with parents. We would not be without it.
Ciara Gallagher (Owner)
Ciara Gallagher (Owner)Nurture Childcare and Early Learning Centres
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Love this software!

We began working with Child Paths in May 2018 and have the app in place in our seven centres. It’s a great tool and takes a lot of pain out of the day-to-day paperwork. I love looking at my own child’s photos and updates too.

Well worth it and well thought out product. Highly recommend it and the team are a pleasure to deal with too.
Lisa Byrne (Manager)
Lisa Byrne (Manager)Tots Creche and Daycare
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Child Paths has allowed us to spend more time with the children and for us, that is the most important factor. It has immensely reduced the level of paperwork and improved communication within the group and our parents.

It is a real conversation starter. The support and time given by the team enabled a smooth transition from a mountain of paperwork to a streamlined system.

I have nothing but praise for Child Paths as both a Manager and a Parent.
Elaine Birmingham (Owner)
Elaine Birmingham (Owner)Best Creche Group
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The Child Paths application has had a significant impact on our service. Our reliance on paper documentation, e.g. attendance sheets, daily records, sleep charts, food records and child observation records, has decreased dramatically.

We no longer need to store large quantities of documents, now we store this information electronically. We have an obligation to work in partnership with parents/guardians, to ensure the best possible outcomes, and we do this through sharing information.

In my opinion, there is no better way to do this than through the Child Paths app.
Teresa Murphy (Owner)
Teresa Murphy (Owner)Spraoi Early Learning Centres
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We have introduced Child Paths in 5 of our services and it has improved and simplified our record keeping.

Staff and parents appreciate the ease with which we can share relevant information and updates including pictures and activities.

The system saves staff time, allows for clear and concise messages to be passed between relevant people while meeting new requirements for TUSLA and POBAL. It also provides the back office with easier access to relevant details. We are happy to recommend this system
Daisy Evans (Nursery Manager)
Daisy Evans (Nursery Manager)Barney Bears Nursey
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We had been using Child Paths for a few months before we went completely live to Parents in February 2020 and WOW our staff love using Child Paths. It's easy to navigate and also enables us to ensure we get the best out of each child's learning and also enables us to provide a sense of peace to our Parents/Carers knowing how they are getting on throughout the day. I would highly recommend this app to other Childcare providers. As a Manager I enjoy the fact that I can log on throughout the day to see what the children have been up to and just how the day is going. I would also like to say just how helpful both Ciaran and Robbie are, they are there to help and talk through any questions you have immediately. Thank you for being so helpful

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