With the new term in September no doubt you will be under enormous pressure to ensure you are meeting all the guidelines with Covid19. To help hopefully reduce this pressure and the amount of physical contact in your service, we have created a new fantastic form builder tool. This tool will allow you to share forms with your staff and parents where they can digitally sign the forms. You will have a “Form Dashboard” with various sections like Children, Practitioners, General, HSA and Cleaning Sheets. In each section, you will have forms already created for you. We got feedback from a number of our customers about what was needed in each form, and we built generic forms, so you don’t have to. As many services operate slightly different, you can edit anything you want in the forms. If you don’t like them, you can build your own. 

In the “Children’s” section, you will find forms like “Incident & Accident and Medical Consent” where you can get parents to sign digitally. You also have the daily questions with Covid19 you might need to ask each child/parent, again done it a couple of clicks and you have it there as evidence on the system. 


If your staff are due back to work, you can get them to complete all of the HSA return to work forms through the app at the click of a button. Again you will have them all completed and saved online for compliance where you will see instantly who has or has not completed the form. The colour sequence works the same as observations where “Green” means complete, “Orange” means it’s a draft, “Purple” means submitted and “Grey” means not completed. We also have all of the forms for management to complete but remember if your missing anything you can add it yourself.

Another fantastic use you can make from the forms is to create surveys or questionnaires for colleagues and parents. You can create any form you wish and decide where in the app you want it to appear, who you want to complete the form, who you want to sign the form and who you want to notify and by what type of notification. You can even create checklists for your staff should you need to. It is endless what you can do with the forms feature and when you need to find a form you can either use the Dashboard to show you the last five forms or you can go to the forms index and use the filters to search for any form you wish, it’s that easy. We are getting fantastic feedback from all the services who are using them. If you currently pay for paper forms now, you can save this money and help reduce the amount of physical contact in your service. Why not contact us today and we’ll set you up with a free trial account so you can see why we’re Ireland’s leading early years software.

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