Childpaths Early Years Educators App named as one to watch 2018

Childpaths Early Years Educators App has been named as One to Watch 2018 by Think  We are delighted to have been named as one of the 5 companies to watch by the Bank of Ireland run event.  The article mentioned how we have developed a web responsive app to support, assist and educate parents in understanding what they can do at different stages of their child’s early development years.  They also noted that the app helps early years educators to work quicker and smarter by cutting down on the amount of time spent reporting with pen and paper.  This in turn gives them more time to spend on what’s most important, the children and their development.   They liked our business model and noted how fast the  business is already is growing, with particular reference to our expansion plans across Europe.

Childpaths Early Years Educators App named as one to watch 2018

This is a very exciting time for us as an Irish founded Tech Startup firm.  We work really hard to ensure our App is of benefit to both Early Years Educators and parents.  We hold fast to our initial concept which was to help parents communicate with their chosen Early Years Educators service providers, whilst also helping to cut down on the massive workload those service providers have to cope with.  Every day we as parents drop our children to creche and due to the pressure the creche are under, we might get a minute’s feedback at the end of the day as to how our children got on that day.  These early years educators are so crucial to our child’s development and most of their work goes unsung.  Our App makes it easy for them to document how a child got on that day, cuts down on their paperwork and has features like allowing them to load photos of the child.  It also has built in features that help with documenting the child’s development and milestones achievements.  Missed milestones are incredibly important to document as they help assist in the identification of issues such as dyslexia, or other learning difficulties later on.

You as a parent can also feed back information to the creche including uploading images of your child on holidays etc. which create a conversation point for the child and educator once they return to their creche.  Here is some what of our parents have to say.  (Don’t forget to check in to our Testimonials page to read more.)

Child Paths is a wonderful application. It is so reassuring to be able to check in each day as much as I like, with just the click of a button to see how my little girl is getting on. As a parent it can be tough having your little one away from you but being able to see pictures of them doing their various activities and having the ability to see their daily information tracked (Such as eating and sleeping logs) is a great source of comfort. I honestly would be lost without it!


“When you are a busy working parent and trying to balance everything at the same time, it can all get a bit overwhelming. However, with Childpaths, you are only ever a few clicks away from checking in on your little ones and sometimes seeing a photo of them having fun, covered in paint or playdoh can make your day and make things a little easier. You feel that you are connected to your child and it can take away a little of the guilt that i sometimes have as a working parent, when you can see that they are ok.”


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