It won’t be long before inspectors are back and checking on attendance. With the introduction of the new National Childcare Scheme, there is even more scrutiny and pressure on early years services to ensure that their attendance records for children are accurate and precise. Otherwise, they run the risk of handing back thousands of euro of funding to Pobal. This was all too familiar for Geraldine Russell — Managing Director of Tiny Tots Paradise Creche in Kilkenny.

Geraldine had her Pobal Compliance visit. She said “This time last year we had the same thing, but after doing all the corrections on PIP in relation to non-attendance or incorrect attendance of children, we had to hand back €15,000 of funding to Pobal. I am glad to say that this year we are using Child Paths to record our attendance, and we are fully compliant in all areas. The Pobal inspector which we had told me that Child Paths was the first software she had seen that showed the total attendance of the child both in daily and hourly format, even if they attended numerous rooms during the day. She was very impressed by Child Paths as it showed everything she needed for the inspection. I personally want to thank Robbie for all his help so far. If we were to have another hit like last year of 15K I doubt if we would be able to recover again. It’s a great product and excellent customer care’’

Cosy Cats in Sligo said they too had their compliance inspection with Pobal, and that Pobal was very impressed with the Child Paths system. The inspector told them that they’ve come across a number of similar software products but that Child Paths was the most user-friendly that they’ve encountered. Another service, Tiernan’s Nursery in Rathmines, Dublin had their inspection and had a similar response from their Pobal inspector. Denise Collins who runs Tiernan’s Nursery said “Three hours going through contracts, and then attendance. Child Paths I would have been lost without you!! Your monthly attendance saved me and the inspector was well impressed and VERY familiar with it.

The government can see that there is a better way to manage each child’s attendance, and they have issued grants to services all over the country for purchasing tablets so that they can capture their children’s attendance in a more efficient and effective manner. It would be very unlikely that they would invest all of this money to encourage the use of technology and then insist on paper records.

Child Paths is Ireland’s leading Early Years Software platform and offer an attendance tool to calculate all of your children’s hours automatically. It will alert you when a child has been absent for a consecutive number of days, over a number of weeks. You can set amber and red alerts to notify you of this. If you set the red alert to 8 days, then when a child has been absent for 8 consecutive days, the child’s name will turn RED and say “Warning”, notifying you to contact parents. The Attendance Report will also show the child’s projected hours versus the actual hours that the child attended the service. It will also be able to highlight if the children did over or under their projected hours. You can then decide to invoice parents based on the projected or the actual hours of attendance. You also get to try the rest of the platform for FREE! This includes Occupancy Planning, Observations, Curriculum Planning, Milestones and much more.

Our Attendance Tool only costs €0.50c per child per month. But remember, you can cancel at any time.

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