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Online Child Registration – Saving your service time and money

We have been serving early years settings in Ireland since 2014. We have built up an excellent reputation as we listen to our customers needs and ensure we deliver a quality product and customer service. Over the years we found many of the frustrating areas in childcare was the amount of administration put on each service. To help combat this, we have introduced so many features to help reduce the amount of time on administration so you and your teachers can spend more time on what’s most important – the children. With this in mind, we have now changed the way child registration forms can be completed. Now you can ask your parents to fill in all the information about their children and themselves through the app. 

Now parents can complete the get to know me information like their favourite songs, foods, toys etc. They can add all of their child’s emergency contacts with phone and email address. They can add health information like doctors name, phone number, address, health records, immunisations, medicines, allergies, dietary requirements. With the new forms builder, you can create your own forms and assign them to each child’s profile so your parents can complete them in their profile through the app. So if you want to create your own forms for medicine consent, immunisation, consent to photos or day trips, you can build these all and get parents to sign them through the app in their child’s profile, you just select where in the parent app you want the forms to appear. What many services are doing now is they are getting parents to complete the daily questions concerning Covid19 before their child arrives at the service. Again all of this saving you vast amounts of time, it’s all in the app for evidence of compliance and if you currently pay for your child registration forms that will be another saving you will get from using Child Paths Software.

With our new schemes tool each service can fill in all their details relating to their schemes, times, dates and rates and use the reports to calculate how many hours each child has done for each scheme. You can use the occupancy room planner so you know how many spaces you have available in your service and which teachers are needed for which rooms for the next few weeks, months and years. If you are full you can add them to your waiting list in the app and when you have a place they can complete the information quicker and smarter through the app. 

Contact us today for a free trial and see why thousands of practitioners in Ireland and the UK have chosen Child Paths to be their digital partner as we’re Ireland’s leading early years software platform. 

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Digital forms – Saving your service time and money

With the new term in September no doubt you will be under enormous pressure to ensure you are meeting all the guidelines with Covid19. To help hopefully reduce this pressure and the amount of physical contact in your service, we have created a new fantastic form builder tool. This tool will allow you to share forms with your staff and parents where they can digitally sign the forms. You will have a “Form Dashboard” with various sections like Children, Practitioners, General, HSA and Cleaning Sheets. In each section, you will have forms already created for you. We got feedback from a number of our customers about what was needed in each form, and we built generic forms, so you don’t have to. As many services operate slightly different, you can edit anything you want in the forms. If you don’t like them, you can build your own. 

In the “Children’s” section, you will find forms like “Incident & Accident and Medical Consent” where you can get parents to sign digitally. You also have the daily questions with Covid19 you might need to ask each child/parent, again done it a couple of clicks and you have it there as evidence on the system. 


If your staff are due back to work, you can get them to complete all of the HSA return to work forms through the app at the click of a button. Again you will have them all completed and saved online for compliance where you will see instantly who has or has not completed the form. The colour sequence works the same as observations where “Green” means complete, “Orange” means it’s a draft, “Purple” means submitted and “Grey” means not completed. We also have all of the forms for management to complete but remember if your missing anything you can add it yourself.

Another fantastic use you can make from the forms is to create surveys or questionnaires for colleagues and parents. You can create any form you wish and decide where in the app you want it to appear, who you want to complete the form, who you want to sign the form and who you want to notify and by what type of notification. You can even create checklists for your staff should you need to. It is endless what you can do with the forms feature and when you need to find a form you can either use the Dashboard to show you the last five forms or you can go to the forms index and use the filters to search for any form you wish, it’s that easy. We are getting fantastic feedback from all the services who are using them. If you currently pay for paper forms now, you can save this money and help reduce the amount of physical contact in your service. Why not contact us today and we’ll set you up with a free trial account so you can see why we’re Ireland’s leading early years software.

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Looking for ways to reduce physical contact in your service?

To reduce the amount of physical contact with teachers and guardians we have created a fantastic new storage area so you can upload all of your policies, handbooks, grant & scheme information and much more where you can share it with your colleagues or guardians. Over the years visiting services we could see the endless folders and files filling up offices and attics. Now more so than ever you need to limit the amount of physical contact be in through notebooks, daily updates or policies, handbooks and general service guidelines. If you have files stored on your computer you can password protect them and quickly and easily upload them to Child Paths where you have one central secure place to store and share this information. You can keep them private just for your own use or you can share them with guardians, colleagues or other managers. You can even scan your paper files through your printer and save them as pdf’s which you can then upload really fast to your Child Paths storage area giving you back all that space!!

Right now it’s about stopping the spread and the less physical contact the greater the chance we have of eliminating this virus. This is just one feature of many which will help you communicate much quicker and smarter allowing you to operate more efficiently and effectively. It will also help you to appear more professional by helping to improve communication at this difficult time with parents and show you have them and their child’s main interests at heart like you normally do, it’s just reinforcing the message.

Have a look at this video to get a better understanding of what you can store and how quick and easy you can do it. If you would like to see why thousands of practitioners are using Child Paths in Ireland and the UK let us know and we’ll set you up with a free dummy account to see how beneficial and useful Child Paths will be to you, your staff, parents and children. 

Click here to watch the video!

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When you reopen your service you are going to have endless things to do. Your ratios may change now with the introduction of play-pods. How much time do you spend trying to work out how many spaces you have available in your service and who is on the waiting list? Is it time-consuming figuring out which children are moving to which room and when. It may be even harder now with the new play-pods, only time will tell. Would it be much easier if this was done automatically and you could see how many spaces you had available weeks, months and even for years ahead? Again it may take some time to get back to some sort of normality but imagine you could see years ahead and how many spaces you have available and who you have on your waiting list. Sounds great, it is and to help you get back on your feet it’s free to use in your service until the end of the year for a limited number of services. 

Occupancy Planning
Occupancy Planning Tool

Now is the time to move away from pen & paper and digitally record current and future registrations in a very simple and time-friendly manner. All your children will move rooms automatically so you don’t have to spend endless hours every month working out when they have to move, or if you have space. You can even get an alert beforehand in the event you don’t have space in another room so you can then move the children manually. You can select any date in the future 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and the system will tell you how many spaces you have available in a particular room and how many staff are needed. You also have an area to add in capacity for each play-pod or room. You will now have all your children on a waiting list where they can easily be added to a play-pod or room when space becomes available. You even have a list for each room so you know who is due to move and leave that play-pod or room that month. As you do this it will automatically update your new staff rota area so you can see how many staff you have on that day, week or month.    

Staff rota
Staff Rota and Holiday Request

With Covid19 your ratios will more than likely change and you will want to be able to track which teachers are in which play-pods with what children so now all you need to do is disable the room ration option meaning you can have as many children and staff in the same play-pod or room. This is a fantastic tool which will save you so much time. Have a quick look at the video demonstration below and get in touch to set up a free dummy account so you can see how beneficial and user friendly this tool will be to your service. We have video tutorials in all areas of the app. Click here to watch the demo.

Also to help promote social distancing as parents will not want notebooks/sheets with daily updates or for that matter they will not be allowed on your premises for some time we’ll also give you free access until the end of the year to:

  • Conversations tool: This allows you to communicate much quicker and smarter with staff and your parents. It will help you promote social distancing as you can send messages, photos, videos, audio files, newsletters, pdf’s, policies and now with push notifications it’s just like text messages without the cost. Click here to watch demo.
  • Our NCS (National Childcare Scheme) Attendance tool and reports which will automatically calculate all your children’s hours. It’s very quick and easy way to mark your children arr/dep/sick/holiday etc and it’s compliant with Pobal for last 6 years – Click here to watch demo.
There is no obligation to use the platform after the free period ends on 31st Dec 2020, if you don’t get what you expected from the app or you are not happy you just let us know, it’s as simple as that. We’re confident your teachers and parents will love using the app, just have a look at what some of our customers say here.

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We’re offering Child Paths Software FREE to all teachers to learn how to use our platform to help with social distancing.

Covid19 is having a huge affect on businesses no more so than on the early years. The guidelines announced for reopening will put huge pressure on services yet again. One area which will be impacted greatly is the ability to communicate with parents as they will be restricted from entering your service and most likely you may have some sort of rota for collection and drop off to prevent multiple people arriving and departing at the same time. This is where the use of digital technology will become really beneficial as not only can you communicate with parents but also remove the need to have any physical contact regarding updates. Now is the time to be making these small changes that will have big impacts on your service and it’s a great time to get all of your colleagues trained up on software for free as we feel Child Paths can play a crucial role when it comes to implementing social distancing.

For any early years teachers who would like to explore all the benefits of using early years software we are offering all teachers free access to use our softwareAbsolutely no obligation. Just a fun, free way to pass time and explore other more efficient ways to save money & time and provide your parents and children with a fantastic way of promoting parental involvement and social distancing while still giving parents peace of mind real time updates as now more than ever they will want to know their children are happy and enjoying their day and what better way to do this than through sharing photos, video and general updates throughout the day. If you like it and you think it would make a big difference to your service let your manager or the owner know as they too can use it for free. Each section has detailed tutorial videos explaining how everything works from managing your attendance for the National Childcare Scheme where it automatically calculates your children’s hours, to food & medicine, activities, sleeping, nappy changing, observations, curriculum planning, milestones checklist with action plans, to our new occupancy planning tool which allows you to plan years ahead so you know how many spaces you have at any given time in the future. 

It’s all about learning and now is the time to explore how technology is playing a greater role in education. If you would like to use Child Paths Early Years Software for free click here: https://childpaths.ie/contact-details/

Child Paths Training
Some of the students from the Cork College of Commerce receiving their Child Paths Certificate

Child Paths has become such a valuable platform and offers so many benefits to early years services that Dorset College, Dublin and the Cork College of Commerce who are Ireland’s largest Further Education College are holding yearly workshops for their level 6 Advanced Early Childhood Care and Education students so they are trained up in using Child Paths Early Years Software. So when they seek employment they can add it to their CV. It was a very clever, innovative and supportive approach by the college.

Here’s what Gobnait Burke – Deputy Principal, Cork College of Commerce had to say about the new partnership: “Cork College of Commerce is once again showing great innovation and is at the forefront in its delivery of Further Education to our students. We are delighted to partner with Child Paths, and by doing so give our students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in using childcare software. This is the first time that a college of Further Education and a childcare software company have worked in partnership on such a project.

The early year’s sector is one that is continuously evolving. We are aware, from liaising with early years practitioners locally, that more and more services are using software to document their curriculum, record observations, track attendance and to communicate with parents. We want to ensure our students are current and well equipped to join the workforce when they finish their education with us. Child Paths is an excellent software tool that we are delighted to use with our students.”

Robbie from Child Paths training some of the students from Dorset College - Dublin

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DCU Invent, Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland.

Child Paths Limited Tel:  +353 1 482 4840 / +353 1 554 5621

Child Paths software saves Tiny Tots Paradise Creche €15,000 in Pobal funding

It won’t be long before inspectors are back and checking on attendance. With the introduction of the new National Childcare Scheme, there is even more scrutiny and pressure on early years services to ensure that their attendance records for children are accurate and precise. Otherwise, they run the risk of handing back thousands of euro of funding to Pobal. This was all too familiar for Geraldine Russell — Managing Director of Tiny Tots Paradise Creche in Kilkenny.

Geraldine had her Pobal Compliance visit. She said “This time last year we had the same thing, but after doing all the corrections on PIP in relation to non-attendance or incorrect attendance of children, we had to hand back €15,000 of funding to Pobal. I am glad to say that this year we are using Child Paths to record our attendance, and we are fully compliant in all areas. The Pobal inspector which we had told me that Child Paths was the first software she had seen that showed the total attendance of the child both in daily and hourly format, even if they attended numerous rooms during the day. She was very impressed by Child Paths as it showed everything she needed for the inspection. I personally want to thank Robbie for all his help so far. If we were to have another hit like last year of 15K I doubt if we would be able to recover again. It’s a great product and excellent customer care’’

Cosy Cats in Sligo said they too had their compliance inspection with Pobal, and that Pobal was very impressed with the Child Paths system. The inspector told them that they’ve come across a number of similar software products but that Child Paths was the most user-friendly that they’ve encountered. Another service, Tiernan’s Nursery in Rathmines, Dublin had their inspection and had a similar response from their Pobal inspector. Denise Collins who runs Tiernan’s Nursery said “Three hours going through contracts, and then attendance. Child Paths I would have been lost without you!! Your monthly attendance saved me and the inspector was well impressed and VERY familiar with it.

The government can see that there is a better way to manage each child’s attendance, and they have issued grants to services all over the country for purchasing tablets so that they can capture their children’s attendance in a more efficient and effective manner. It would be very unlikely that they would invest all of this money to encourage the use of technology and then insist on paper records.

Child Paths is Ireland’s leading Early Years Software platform and offer an attendance tool to calculate all of your children’s hours automatically. It will alert you when a child has been absent for a consecutive number of days, over a number of weeks. You can set amber and red alerts to notify you of this. If you set the red alert to 8 days, then when a child has been absent for 8 consecutive days, the child’s name will turn RED and say “Warning”, notifying you to contact parents. The Attendance Report will also show the child’s projected hours versus the actual hours that the child attended the service. It will also be able to highlight if the children did over or under their projected hours. You can then decide to invoice parents based on the projected or the actual hours of attendance. You also get to try the rest of the platform for FREE! This includes Occupancy Planning, Observations, Curriculum Planning, Milestones and much more.

Our Attendance Tool only costs €0.50c per child per month. But remember, you can cancel at any time.

For more information please visit www.childpaths.ie or if you would like to trial Child Paths for FREE get in touch today on 086 130 4123