Do you find marking in all children and manually writing down their activity a very time-consuming task? Wouldn’t it be great if you could link each activity up to Aistear and Siolta seamlessly… If your answer is yes, we at Child Paths have the solution for you!

With our App, recording activities and linking it up to Aistear and Siolta for each child has never been so easy!

On the top of the page activity area, you will see a box called “Option”. Here you can select the name of the prepopulated activity. There is an option here to add your own activities in case your activity is not already in the list generated for you.

Underneath that, you are able to leave a detailed message on the activity and how the children enjoyed it etc. We have a speech to text feature in this box, which allows you to simply speak into your tablet, and it will automatically type out the message for you. This is a fantastic element of the activities section as it really helps speed up the process, allowing for you to have more time with the children in their care.

Next, right beside that box, there is a box where you can add up to 10 photos of the activity or include video or audio files. This is a great option to have as parents love seeing and hearing their child in the creche while they are working or at home. Simply upload the files you wish to share from your desktop or upload from the browse button directly from the tablet within the room.

Moving to the right of the screen, you will see an option for “Emerging Interest”, where practitioners can easily click if the activity was an emerging interest from the children, parent or practitioners.

Right underneath that, you will see a large green button that says Aistear and Siolta. Simply click on this button, and you will be able to seamlessly link up the activities with Aistear and Siolta; when you choose a theme, it will display the aims linked to that Theme, when you select an Aim, it will display the Goals for that Aim, then it will display only the relevant Síolta Standards selected from what you have already chosen and when you select a Standard, it will only show you the 3 or 4 relevant Components that are relevant.

Once you have completed filling in your activities section, you can quite easily just hit the “Select All” button above all the names of the children in that room, and that means this activity, picture, message etc., will be applied to all children in that room. It saves you from doing it for each child manually. Of course, if only one child did the activity. Just click on their profile; it will then highlight green and then press apply. It is that quick and that user-friendly! Again you can use this for short observations or for simply sharing activities, photos and videos, you decide.

You also have an “Activities” area in the main menu where it lists all the activities you had linked to Aistear and Síolta, so you can use filters to find the one you are looking for. What is also great about this feature is that you get to share more with parents about the Aistear and Síolta frameworks, giving them greater insight and really showcasing the excellent work practitioners do on a day to day basis.

For a visual step by step guide to doing this, please click on the video below!