Where Child Paths started

The concept for Child Paths was born from personal experience. When Ciaran Flynn’s daughter moved to a new early years setting he started to get more information about her welfare and development. It was at this point he realised that his daughter’s creche was not a babysitting service and that it played a much bigger role in his child’s life. As a Father, he wanted to help with her learning and development but didn’t know how or what to do.

Following his extensive research, he identified one of the major frustrations among many practitioners was the amount of time required for record-keeping, which in turn limited the amount of direct contact time with the children. It was for this reason that Child Paths was created; mainly so teachers could capture, store and communicate information to parents about their child in an efficient and effective manner, helping teachers spend less time on reporting and more time on what’s most important – the children.


Child Paths founder Ciaran Flynn

How our app was born:

We consulted with many owners; managers and practitioners across the sector; to better understand the needs of the staff and how we can alleviate their workload.

We liaised closely with the Crann Support Group and the National Childhood Network to integrate the Aistear and Siolta Frameworks into Child Paths and built out many of the exciting features.

We collaborated with the Adult & Child Therapy Network to develop a unique development tracker which we call Milestones – this allows staff to track a child’s progress and if they don’t reach their milestones, then a plan is automatically developed for practitioners. Parents have their own milestones feature within their app which works the exact same way at home.

Third level colleges including the Cork College of Commerce who are the largest further education college in the country were quick to recognise the breadth and benefits of Child Paths. We work with these colleges to give the next generation of practitioners the skills they need in the workplace to use digital technology.

Our team

Our team is a hard working group of parents and educators who are committed to creating a service that everyone in our community will love. We are making a difference to parent’s lives by helping them feel more involved and giving them a greater insight into their child’s world of learning and development. We are passionate about providing a quicker, better and more efficient way to take down the barriers between educators and parents. We are obsessed with satisfying our customers and delivering a quality product and experience.

Child Paths team

What inspires us:

We don’t just say it – we firmly believe that children are at the heart of everything that we do. Child Paths was developed to give parents a greater insight into their child’s world of learning and development; what they are taught and how this could be continued beyond the classroom to give parents ideas at home to get more involved. We’re building the next generation digital platform to support practitioners, parents and children and take them on a journey through their early years and school education from toddler to teenager.

The following areas are what motivate and inspire us to continuously be better and do better:

  • Empower parents with knowledge to help get more involved in their child’s learning
  • Enhance partnerships between families and service providers
  • Empower practitioners with tools to reduce paperwork to spend more time with children
  • Provide services with a platform to help make compliance easier
  • Create a community of parents, children and educators to work together to lead to better outcomes for children
  • Give parents and children a platform to monitor, track and analyse their progress

Why join our Child Paths community?

    • We’re Ireland’s leading early years software platform and we’re expanding into primary schools to support each child’s journey
    • Each year 9 out of 10 services continue to use our software, which is amazing considering we offer a 30-day rolling contract
    • We offer a premium, reliable and very user-friendly software platform
    • Over 80% of our customers used another software package and were extremely happy when they joined the Child Paths Community
    • We have partnered with professional organisations like the Crann Support Group, the National Childhood Network and the Adult and Child Therapy Centre who are experts in their field and have greatly contributed to the development and success of the Child Paths App
    • We provide outstanding customer service with one-to one training for your staff
    • Our after sales support is far superior to our competitors
    • Used by thousand of teachers and parents across Ireland and the UK

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