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Where it began

As with great ideas, the concept was born from personal experience. When Ciaran Flynn’s daughter moved childcare setting, he started to get more information about her welfare and development. It was at this point he wanted to do more to help with his daughter’s development however he did not know how or what to do. He realised it’s no longer a question does parental involvement help with a child’s learning and development, it’s a fact, and he wanted to play more of a part in her development.

Ways to overcome barriers

When he looked at the barriers to parental involvement, time and knowledge were two that played a big part. He could see why as he lacked the knowledge to help with his own child’s learning and development. He did not understand what his daughter should be doing at different stages of her development. Early Years Educators only have limited time when parents arrive to communicate the child’s whole day. He also noticed childcare staff were under enormous pressure daily to complete paperwork which takes their time away from the children. What he quickly realised from spending time researching childcare is the time, effort, experience and qualifications of childcare staff appears overlooked. They do not get the credit for what they do, and many parents still have the perception it’s a babysitting service, which couldn’t be further from the truth. This is part of what we want to highlight and showcase to parents, what the staff actually do with the children which the parents can in turn do with their children at home.

Altering communication

Child Paths is a user-friendly programme which was designed to allow for more effective communication between both the childcare setting and parents & guardians. It helps take down two of the main barriers to parental involvement giving parents the time throughout their day to access information on their child and, in turn, build up greater knowledge of their own child’s interests, skills and capabilities.

Our Mission

We simplify the reporting side for childcare staff reducing the amount of paperwork while at the same time giving parents & guardians the means to become more actively involved in their children’s lives. We take parents on a journey through their child’s early years and education, capturing all their pictures, strengths, milestones and achievements. Child Paths will increase communication, maximises time for what is most important, the children and assist parents in understanding what they can do at different stages of their child's life to help with their development.

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