Teacher and small kids Child Paths

Is your service currently offline? Are you considering moving your operations online to keep up with the current environment? Not sure how software can help you and your staff? Does the thought of technology seem overwhelming? Are you concerned that software will be hard to learn or rollout?

Technology is your friend when it comes to overseeing all of the tasks involved in running your childcare service. Change can be hard, but this decision comes with many benefits for you and your staff. We are here to help, support and guide you thought this change.

Here are our top benefits of implementing a childcare software for your service.

Improve productivity and reduce costs

Daily you and your staff are spending a large amount of time collecting signatures, recording tasks, filling out daily reports, logging incident reports and printing bills and receipts. We know your list goes on and on. Your day is a juggling act between staying on top of paperwork and providing childcare. There is no need to feel overwhelmed by the amount of ring binders, clipboards and filing cabinets you are using anymore. Our software will allow you to save hours on time-consuming duties, store everything digitally, be inspection ready and reduce your stationery and printing costs. Everything will be easily accessible in one place, simplifying the routine tasks of your service and allowing your staff to spend more time with the children.

Promote parental involvement

Parent involvement assists to extend teaching outside of your service. It creates a positive experience for children, and it can help children perform better when they are at your service. It is important for parents to support the learning that occurs in early years settings in their home as well. Parents who are aware of what is happening in their child’s service can create a connection between what their child learns at in their creche or preschool and what takes place in their home. This link is an important part of their child’s development and supporting their further learning. Some of your parents may drop their child off at your service, then your staff member takes over for the day, leaving parents wondering what their little one is up to for the day. If you communicate and engage with parents, you can build a stronger teacher- family partnership. Our software will give you the tools you need to communicate with parents in real-time, keeping them informed about their child’s day, learnings, and development. Quickly send parents messages, photos, and videos to their mobile or device, creating a sense of involvement for parents.

Child development and progress

Monitoring and tracking a child’s development milestones is essential to determine if a child’s development is on track. You will gain more detailed insights into both children’s development and progress. Our Milestones feature was built in collaborating with doctors, psychologists and speech therapists from the Adult and Child Therapy Centre to record the milestones a child should be reaching based on their age. If a child is not meeting 50% of their milestones, an action plan will automatically be created to track goals and objectives to work on with the child. 3 months later you will receive a notification to reassess the child. Our observation tools will allow you to record observations on each child in your service whilst linking in with your national framework of Aistear and Siolta or EYFS. These tools will allow you to examine patterns in child behaviour and progress in a manner that would be difficult in the form of a daily printed sheet.

Stand out from your competition by going digital

Each day you are faced with making many decisions about your service, and one of those decisions may be how to stand out from your competition. What opportunity can you use to add value to your parents and children? Our software can move your service into the 21st century by going digital, giving you a competitive edge, operate more professionally and we will be here to help you every step of the way.