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August 14, 2016
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The Crann Support Group – Customer Testimonial


The Crann Support Group is a dynamic company dedicated to the provision of quality, affordable, inclusive childcare across County Meath. As a company providing a wide range of management support and consultancy services to fifteen childcare outlets in this region, they support Early Childhood Care and Education to almost one thousand children and 720 families on a daily basis.


The Crann Support Group places a strong emphasis on communication with parents and recognizes that parents are the primary care and educators of their children. Childcare facilities managed by the Crann Support Group have traditionally communicated to parents verbally and through the use a picture illustrated diaries and in addition to the large volume of paperwork determined by the Statutory Preschool Regulations. In late 2012, the Board of the Crann Support Group identified the need to explore a more efficient and effective way of communicating with parents. Research was carried out in Canada, the U.K. and Ireland. The findings illustrated that communication, in general, has progressed to a digital format and the main benefit of this being that parents receive communication regarding their children in real time.


The Crann Support Group considered many different digital products on the market, both at home and abroad. The product that could most obviously meet the needs of the childcare facility and parents alike was the Child Paths App. This decision was an outcome of a consultation process, which involved Childcare Professionals and Parents. We have found the team at Child Paths to be extremely professional and helpful with all of our queries and would not hesitate in lending our name to support their product.


Marie Daly (CEO)

Crann Support Group,

(Navan, Trim, Ballivor, Simonstown, Duleek, Laytown, Summerhill)

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