What Our Customers Say

We have spent numerous hours, which was time away from the children & activities bogged down completing reports & records over the past 10 years. We noticed a substantial reduction in this immediately when we were introduced to the ‘Child Paths’ software. From the analysis carried out by Child Paths we can potentially save over 550 hours reporting over the year giving us that time back to spend with the children.

All of our staff found the software extremely easy to use; all the information is there to record at the touch of a button. This has reduced the time spent on notebooks and records and the children have found it fun to have their pictures, art and activities recorded on the iPads. They can look at it with their friends or share it with their parents with the direct link communication.

Child Paths is a brilliant system, making our life so much easier, by reducing reporting time and in turn allowing so much more time with the children, which is what we are all about!

Amanda Dunne - Bizzy B’s Crèche & Afterschool