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February 6, 2017
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May 19, 2017

Testimonial – Ashvale Creche Wicklow

We started to use Child Paths in Ashvale Creche this past August. Initially it was our intention to use Child Paths within the service for a few weeks before we rolled it out to parents. However within a week we realised what a valuable resource it was and how necessary it was to provide communication with parents using Child Paths.

Setting up initially is time consuming but not difficult. Our parents were delighted with the idea of getting photos on a daily basis, so that they could interact with their child’s story. For us in Ashvale we have found that hand over in the evening is so much easier as the parents have usually reviewed Child Paths prior to collection. This frees us up to just talk about the important things with parents.

Child observations are so much easier for staff to do. The photos are available and the observation can be sent immediately to the parent. This has allowed better communication between staff and parents and has also allowed parents to be more involved in their child’s learning.

For us as staff, Child Paths is quick and easy to use. Nappy changes, meal times and sleep routines can be uploaded quickly. However that real beauty in Child Paths is the child’s story line. Daily themes and topics can be instantly viewed by the parent from their work desk. If a child comes in crying at 8.30 – we as staff know that he settles within 10 mins however the parent is left feeling guilty all day. With Child Paths we can upload a photo of him happily playing at 9am, and everyone is happy.

Our internet connection is slow and often non-existent so that is frustrating. However the benefits to us as staff of using Child Paths have made it worthwhile.


Riona Long (Owner)

Ashvale Creche,


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