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Where it all began
Child Paths would like to take you on a journey through your child’s educational career, from toddler to teenager. We will help you build a unique memory for you to monitor, track and analyse the information to improve your child’s learning and development in real time – as it happens.  It’s a great way to store memories in one location as it stores the information in chronological order.  You can literally see your child growing before your eyes.   Child Paths was designed to support, assist and educate parents to understand more about what they can do at various stages of their child’s early years.  Child Paths is all about staying in touch with your child’s development throughout the years, from their interaction with Early Years Educators through to the Leaving Certificate.

Understand more about your child’s early years and development

From a Parents Perspective It’s no longer a question “does parental involvement help with your child’s learning and development, it’s a FACT.”  As parents it is our responsibility to give our children the best start in life.  By getting more involved in their early years education, their learning and development, they stand a greater chance of achieving success.   The Child Paths App was developed to help parents to be come more involved in their child’s development whilst watching out for important milestones.  It is helpful to parents in aiding them to log their child’s achievements as they happen.   Mealtimes, nappy changing, achievements and playtimes can all be logged by the Early Year Educators for parents to see within the App.  Parents can rest assured that their children are safe and are being well looked after as every interaction is captured within the system.  

Start meaningful conversations with your child through greater insight into your child's day

Discover – Milestones Early Intervention Tool

The App also logs milestones and missed milestones.  Missed milestones are incredibly important to track as they help identify whether a child has learning difficulties and so early intervention can be given.  It’s a proactive way to manage your child’s development in this busy world. The App has been developed with the Adult and Child Therapy Centre who are a multi disciplinary team made up of clinical psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, CBT therapists and behaviour specialists.  Our App will create an action plan automatically for each child if they’re not reaching those important milestones.  With a learning difficulty such as autism and ADHD, the key is early intervention. You can have a look at this in action on the video to the right.

Testimonials from Parents

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Benefits for Parents

Benefits for Parents include...
Daily real time interaction with your children.
Help the teachers better understand your child
As part of Aistear the National Framework it’s important for the Early Years Educators to understand more about the children, outside of the childcare setting, to help them create meaningful conversations.  These are based on the child’s interests.  You can help with this by uploading photos, and sharing  what they do on the weekends, on holiday, or what activities they do.  Explain what is happening in the caption, or even just upload photos of the child’s relatives and siblings for the family tree. It’s so easy, you can upload four photos at a time!
Share memories or keep them private
When uploading photos you can keep them private, which means only your family can view the photos, or you can share them with the Early Years setting.
Understand your child's developmental stages
You will have instant access to your child’s observations.  These will help you to understand more about your child’s development, and their strengths. Our new Early Intervention Tool will support and assist you in understanding what you can do to help your child reach those milestones. Our observations tool was designed to help you understand more about Aistear and Siolta, the National Frameworks
Peace of mind
Have you ever dropped your child off and they were crying? It’s never easy, but now your Early Years Educator can upload a photo of your child two minutes later, so you know they are happy.
Create more meaninful conversation with your child
Did you ever ask your child what they did today, and the answer is NOTHING? You can now start your conversation knowing exactly what they did that day, be it through pictures, observations, activities they did, or general updates. Children love to know you’re interested in what they’re learning and Child Paths is a great way to get them talking about their day.
Communicate much quicker and smarter with your child’s carer by sending them messages through the app. You can also send messages to your child’s room (if you’re unsure who is in that day). Staff can acknowledge, or reply back to your messages.
Receive email notifications
One or both Guardians will receive an email notification for any photo or message sent through the Communication or Observations area. If you only have one email address registered you can add a second email address to “My Account.”

How To Sign Up To Child Paths:

  1. Give your email address to your childcare setting.
  2. Ask them to activate your account.
  3. Once activated you will automatically receive an email from Child Paths with instructions to set up your account and save to your phone as an App.

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